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Why Glover Died With The Nintendo 64

In some ways, "Glover" feels like a fever dream of the Hamburger Helper mascot coming to life. However, "Glover" isn't an imagined nightmare; it's a lackluster puzzle platforming game starring a sentient glove running around a brightly colored world on a playful bouncy ball. The game was released on Nintendo 64, PC, and PlayStation, but never moved to newer generations of consoles. In fact, "Glover" never went much of anywhere, and seems to have quietly died with the N64.

While gamers might not know of the fate of the curious glove, there's a convoluted path to the end of "Glover." There were initially plans for a sequel to the game, and the title was deep in development before it was eventually canceled. So what happened to "Glover," and why aren't gamers playing the latest version of it on the Nintendo Switch? The answer is tricky, and, unfortunately, unclear. Here's what may have happened to "Glover."

Where's Glover now?

"Glover" was developed by Interactive Studios, which was responsible for a host of licensed games, like an adaptation of "The Biggest Loser" and "Spongebob Squarepants," and published by Hasbro Interactive. The platformer didn't earn glowing reviews, but nonetheless, Hasbro greenlit a sequel, announcing "Glover 2" shortly after the original's release (via Kotaku). Though there are copies of "Glover 2" that curious video game history buffs can find online, the game was never officially released. 

After silence for several years, Golden Mushroom Studio declared that they were going to reinvigorate "Glover" by creating the sequel themselves – despite, as Kotaku pointed out, not owning the rights. Piko Interactive quickly shut down the operation, and "Glover" fans were again plunged into silence. It seems that "Glover," like so many games, may not be destined for a sequel. The companies that own the game's rights seem currently uninterested in creating a sequel, although Piko Interactive did release a port of "Glover" on Steam.

Gamers can still play the game that started it all, though. "Glover" is available on Steam, and QUByte Interactive plans to rerelease "Glover" for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5, but it hasn't announced when it will drop its port. Hopefully, it fits like an old glove.