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Escape From Tarkov: How To Access Lightkeeper's Room

The "Escape from Tarkov" community has been buzzing, but thankfully it's not from any confusing controversy this time. With update 0.13 came Lightkeeper, a much-anticipated trader located in the Lighthouse map. Gaining access to this mysterious figure has proven to be a difficult task, and while some players have managed to get to him, it's only been through exploits and bugs.


Before doing that, according to Mejoress, players will need to do two new quests. The first is called "Lightkeeper." Unlocked at level 20, the player will be tasked with performing several activities for a character named Prapor. At level 25, the quest "Lighthouse" will be available, and the player will have to do the same thing for a character named Therapist.

From that point, however, it's not yet known how to legitimately get to Lightkeeper. For those eager to see him as soon as possible instead of waiting for the community to finally figure it out, there are some workarounds.

Getting to Lightkeeper requires a lot of health packs and a failed quest

For most players trying to get to the lighthouse, the first obstacle will be the bridge riddled with mines. Luckily, as YouTuber DeadlySlob discovered, all of the mines are in predetermined locations. With this information in mind, DeadlySlob essentially inched his way across the bridge. When he reached the very edge of a mine's blast radius, it would explode, but not kill him. Then, while perfectly still, he would repeatedly heal up after taking damage. Although you can then go inside the lighthouse and reach the door to Lightkeeper's room, it will be locked.


The second option is to fail a quest called "Bulls***." After failing it, a character named Skier will give the player a handheld radio transmitter. This allows the player to walk across the bridge without setting off any mines. Additionally, the transmitter will allow Lightkeeper's door to unlock, and the player can have a brief conversation with him.

Streamer NoiceGuy Tarkov took to Twitter to reveal that the developers reached out to him to confirm this ability was unintended. As such, they have already patched out the transmitter bug by not rewarding players with one after the quest is failed. Additionally, those with the transmitter will now be blown up by the mines like everyone else. Because of this decision, NoiceGuy believes that the community is close to the legitimate path to Lightkeeper.