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League Of Legends Actually Apologized After This Embarrassing Trailer

"League of Legends" has had quite a stunning transformation over the years. The competitive scene has grown around the world despite what's going on with the LCS, and the game has had new life breathed into it while getting serious about toxic players. The supporting content around the game, like music and cinematics, has also generally followed this growth. Players expect a certain quality from "League" cinematics, and Riot didn't meet that with its newest Season 2023 trailer.


On January 10, the official "League of Legends" YouTube channel released its Season 2023 cinematic trailer, "The Brink of Infinity." The trailer is two minutes of a butterfly flying around a hyper-realistic rendition of Summoner's Rift while a disembodied voice talks about being a hero. This disappointed fans and the comment section was full of people sarcastically commenting on their favorite cinematic moments that never happened.

In fact, people were so disappointed and outraged that the official "League of Legends" Twitter account apologized the same day. The apology thread started by saying that it knows people love the cinematics, but "unprecedented circumstances" led to a different version of a Season 2023 trailer.


While there was no more explanation about what caused the lackluster video, the tweets acknowledged player feedback, which led people to wonder about the future of "League of Legends."

The problem with The Brink of Infinity

People were upset with "The Brink of Infinity" cinematic for various reasons. Since 2018, "League of Legends" has released cinematics to celebrate the new yearly Season, and they always feature champions from the game in action. In 2018, fans got "The Climb," 2019 saw "Awaken," and 2020 got "Warriors," which featured a new version of the 2014 World's song for long-time players. 2021's Season cinematic expanded on the game's deep lore of the Ruined King, and 2022 got the emotional "The Call."


Fans were a bit put out by what they saw as a lack of effort. Twitter user Bowtie_Williams summed up a lot of the frustration people had, saying, "since the company started making other games such as: 'Wild Rift,' the MMO and 'Valorant,' 'League' has been pushed to the side."

Another user, aiselgra, explained that the worry about "League of Legends" didn't start with the video but with the lack of communication about the game's future. User Muffin_please expanded, saying there was a lack of quality skins for most champions and no new events or maps.

The official apology also acknowledged that communication was a problem but assured players that more news was coming soon. Hopefully, this news will alleviate fans' concerns over the developer's investment in the game and offer something to look forward to.