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The Rarest Melee Weapon In GTA Online

"Grand Theft Auto Online" has no shortage of its rarities. Such anomalies include weapons like the golden gun from "007" or even some rare vehicles you can add to your collection — but rare melee weapons are a completely different beast.

While they are not as common (or as preferred) as the firearms you'll find in the game, melee weapons in "Grand Theft Auto Online" do rank among the more powerful weapons in the entire game. Of course, the melee weapon category includes classics such as knives, crowbars, baseball bats, golf clubs, and a litany of other objects that can be swung or thrown around to deal some serious damage to your opponent. However, among these weapons, which of them stands as the rarest?

Finding a rare melee weapon is a bit tricky as it can't be anything readily available at an in-game store or be in an easy-to-find location. When it comes to determining the rarest melee weapon in "Grand Theft Auto Online," there is one that stands above the rest. However, it'll not come easy as it will require you to finish a string of jobs for a local bounty hunter. Only then can you wield it against your enemies and rival crime lords. 

The Stone Hatchet

The rarest melee weapon in "Grand Theft Auto Online" is the Stone Hatchet. Fashioned after a vintage axe, the Stone Hatchet cannot be purchased from a store, nor can it be found just laying around somewhere. Instead, it can be obtained only after completing a certain objective for Maude Eccles.

When free roaming, Maude will text you five different bounties that need to be captured. Upon bringing each of the five targets in, you will be given $250,000 as well as the location for where you can pick up the Stone Hatchet. Once you have it, the Stone Hatchet can be shared on both your "Grand Theft Auto Online" and "Red Dead Online" accounts if they're connected.

What makes the Stone Hatchet unique is the feature it comes with. When freely roaming around with the Stone Hatchet equipped, you can enter a "Stone Hatchet Rampage" mode in which your character will be nearly invincible while wielding it. This rage-induced fervor can be triggered by using it on any unsuspecting NPC that might be in your vicinity. Rampage mode can be an extremely effective method for causing havoc if you happen to be on a motorcycle as well.