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How Final Fantasy X's Producer Really Feels About The Game's Most Awkward Scene

For anyone who's ever taken an awkward stab at fake laughter only for it to devolve into real laughter, there's an infamous moment in gaming that may just hit home. Two of the characters from "Final Fantasy X" are the subject of many laughing fits due to an amusing scene that fans love to tease to this day.

Here's what unravels: as main character Tidus starts fake-laughing in front of a perplexed group despite his love interest Yuna's protests (even though it was her idea to begin with to cheer him up), there's palpable tension. That is, until she joins in with his goofy giggling and the two eventually start cracking some genuine chuckles. It's quite the sight to see, and even more interesting to hear – the laughter is so staged, it's noticeably contagious. This ridiculousness is the case for the English and Japanese versions of the scene.

In an interview, Game Informer sat down with "Final Fantasy X" producer Yoshinori Kitase to get some intel about what's easily the game's most awkward scene. Here's what Kitase said about his true feelings about this notoriously silly scene.

Final Fantasy X's producer finds scene touching and sweet

As "Final Fantasy X" producer Yoshinori Kitase shared in his interview with Game Informer, the scene may feel a bit cringy, but there's a certain sense of authenticity and relatability that comes through and sticks with people for a reason. In Kitase's words regarding the scene, "Even in the real world, actions taken by two people in a budding romance are generally embarrassing memories when you look back on them. I believe that this scene depicts that mental state very well. This scene of course is still made fun of by fans, but I imagine that it is because it greatly touched 'something' in everyone's heart for it to be such a memorable scene even after 18 years."

While it might still be hard for "Final Fantasy X" fans to watch the well-known laughing scene without a few cackles, Kitase's perspective may help them connect a bit with their softer sides as well. After all, Tidus and Yuna's love story is considered one of the best in gaming by SVG. Or, for those who don't see it that way, the entertainment value of the scene still stands. Even if it was created with genuine intent, it's a classic example of overacting in gaming.