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The Most Frustrating Silent Hill Boss Fight

Across the "Silent Hill" series' many games, there are a whole host of incredibly frustrating bosses that can sometimes seem nearly impossible to defeat. While the franchise has seen a steady rise and fall over the years — varying greatly in quality — challenging bosses appear in almost every title. Take Floatsinger, a boss from the very first "Silent Hill" game, for example. Multiple online threads are filled with fans complaining about how they can't defeat the giant moth in battle. 

Other similarly difficult boss battles exist throughout the series, but none compare to the enemies you face off against in "Silent Hill: Homecoming." Regarded by many as an incredibly hard game, perhaps even the hardest in the entire series, it's more than likely "Silent Hill: Homecoming" has caused more than a few gamers to rage quit their playthroughs. One part of the game, where this difficulty hits its apex, just so happens to be the most difficult boss battle in the entire "Silent Hill" series. 

You'll pull your hair out trying to beat this boss

That most difficult boss is none other than Amnion, the final boss of "Silent Hill Homecoming." Thought to be the physical manifestation of protagonist Alex Shepherd's guilt, Amnion is a strange mutant creature that appears to have some of the features of a human female and a set of four large mechanical legs. Fans across the internet have made it clear how they feel about Amnion.  

"Ok. I'm at Amnion, the last battle of the game, and this 'creature' is giving me one tough time. I can get it to it's second form, but after that, I have no more ammo," one gamer wrote on a Gamespot forum.

"HELP ME SOMEBODY!" another gamer wrote in a forum titled "Stuck on final boss, about to cry my eyes out."

According to a walkthrough from Port Forward, in order to defeat Amnion's first form, players need to learn the boss's patterns, dodge its attacks, and patiently wait for an opening to attack its body. From there, later forms are rather simple as long as you focus on learning patterns, dodging attacks, and capitalize on every opportunity you get.