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The Most Frustrating Section Of The Last Of Us Part 1

As the first installment of the critically acclaimed franchise, "The Last of Us Part 1" arguably delivers one of the best stories ever told in gaming. However, despite its narrative prowess, there are still parts of the game that will test the player's patience and provide an extremely frustrating experience.


There are many sections in "The Last of Us Part 1" that will throw a lot at the player. Such parts as the first encounter with a Bloater or the ending Hospital sequence immediately come to mind as scenes of the game that will cause many restarts and rage quits. However, one section in "The Last of Us Part 1" is incredibly difficult, especially for players who wish to test themselves at higher difficulty settings. Luckily, it takes place towards the latter part of the game where resource conservation and strategy have likely set in. But even for players who have done it before, it still proves to be an incredibly enraging experience that will push gamers to their limits.

Ellie and David's fight against infected is not particuarly fun

It seems that many players struggled with the section where Ellie and the mysterious David had to fight off infected in "The Last of Us Part 1." In this section, the game throws pretty much every form of infected at the player including Runners, Clickers, and even one of the feared Bloaters.


It seems to be an especially frustrating experience for anyone playing on a harder difficulty setting. "For me personally, I struggled a lot with the cabin fight with David against infected," one Reddit user said. "It definitely made me rage quit on Grounded several times and I still struggle with it from time to time."

Other players complained that David is pretty much ineffective as a companion and will offer little help with the tougher enemy types. According to another comment, the fight with David took them at least 20 tries despite having past experience.

The aspect that makes the section undeniably one of the hardest in the game is the encounter with the Bloater. In this part of the game, ammo is extremely scarce and valuable. And because of the Bloater's status as a frustrating bullet sponge — in addition to having to worry about other kinds of infected sneaking up on you — things are made extremely hard. It doesn't matter if you're playing through "The Last of Us Part 1" as a new or returning player — this scene is miserable all the same.