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The Indie Game That Costs $2000

There are plenty of amazing indie games you may miss through the year — whether because players aren't attuned to the market or are otherwise focused on AAA releases. It can be easy to let indies fly under the radar, but they can be harder to ignore when listed on a digital storefront for thousands of dollars. 

A presumed mistaken listing for "Ball Race 2: Ramp" had the game's price tag set to $2,000 USD. As recorded by several people, the game's price initially appeared at $2,000 for its release on the Xbox Store. Players were pretty sure it was a mistake, especially since the title now only costs $4.99 – a more reasonable price for an indie game about racing various types of balls on eight different boards. It's not clear what happened to cause the high listing price or whether it was on Xbox's or the publisher's side, but it would seem the issue has at least been fixed.

Of course, the internet will always be home to trolls and jokesters, and people didn't let this opportunity pass by. Reddit and Twitter were full of memes and jokes about the situation. Here's what the community has been saying.

The internet's jokes never end

Reddit user MelonButterG shared a screenshot of "Ball Race 2: Ramp" with a $2,499.99 CAD price to the official Xbox subreddit. The reaction from Xbox fans included jokes about having to sell their console to play the indie game and that the astronomical cost is a "small price to pay" for the game. One user even joked about waiting for a Special or Collector's Edition to release, and another laughed at the idea of how much a theoretical "Ball Race 3: Loop" could cost.

There were several funny comments about users waiting for it to be on sale or grabbing it "on sale" after considering different currency exchange rates worldwide. The price difference was pretty significant; between $2,499 CAD (about $1,850 USD), $1,999 USD, and the UK price of £1,399 (roughly $1,700).

Fans had a few different theories, including the idea that there was a misplaced decimal when listing the game from the publisher's side. Others had more out-of-the-box ideas about the high price, including a lot of talk about money laundering or other illegal activities.

Perhaps one of the funniest jokes came from Twitter user xZer0ex: "I'll wait for the 'I Bought Ball Race 2, So You Don't Have To' YouTube video."