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Fire Emblem Engage: How To Unlock Jean

Known for its stunning combat, building great units in "Fire Emblem Engage" requires excellent planning and some micromanagement of things like Growth Rates, especially if you're playing on a harder difficulty. Making a great team also includes unlocking playable characters, and one of those characters is Jean.

Jean is a stubborn young doctor from a small village, and he joins the team as a Martial Monk. Some people keep him in that class, making Jean an effective healer that can stand some damage while supporting the front lines. Plus, if planned correctly, he can become an agile tank who can wipe enemies out in one turn in many cases. He can also be reclassed as a Sage, and some have theory-crafted that he could make a good Soldier/Halberdier as well.

However, players will need to unlock Jean before they're able to use him in any role. Luckily, it's pretty easy to unlock him.

Jean's Paralogue

In order to unlock Jean, players will need to check out the Paralogues in the game. These are essentially side missions that have various rewards — whether it's just experience to boost units in between main missions or unlocking new characters. Paralogues can be found around the map and many have special requirements to unlock.

Jean is unlockable through one such Paralogue, but it's easy to accomplish. According to The Game Looters, Tea-Field Village is the Paralogue to acquiring Jean, and it's available after Chapter Six of the main game. Tea-Field Village is located on a small island to the right of Firenze Castle and Florra Mill Town.

While completing the Paralogue, make sure to visit both houses that are available. You'll also get a few items this way, but it'll unlock a cutscene at the end where Alear speaks with Jean and his parents. From here, players can recruit Jean and add him to the party.