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This Forgotten Pokémon Musical Almost Revealed A Shocking Truth About Ash's Father

There has always been mystery surrounding the identity of Ash's father. According to a recent interview, it looks like the truth has finally been revealed. Fan theories have absolutely taken over the internet. Some believe the series' narrator is actually Ash's father. Others think that it's actually the Mr. Mime Pokémon often seen with Ash's mother. 


The anime has yet to reveal for certain who his father is, but it has given fans a few hints and details over the years. All that is known is that he is a Pokémon trainer and that he left Pallet Town to set out on his own adventure, much like Ash (per Pokémon Wiki). As it turns out, this question was apparently going to be answered in "Pokémon Live," a stage musical. Speaking with Game Informer, the play's writer revealed exactly who they decided Ash's father was. 

Ash's father was going to be Giovanni

Michael Slade, one of the writers behind "Pokémon Live" revealed that Ash's father is actually one of the many gym leader's he has defeated. The head of Team Rocket and gym leader of Viridian City, Giovanni, was set to be Ash's father. Eventually, though, the writers chose not to include that aspect in the play's story. The finished play did manage to retain one aspect of that storyline, however, by mentioning that Giovanni used to date Ash's mother.


"[Giovanni] was Ash's biological father," Slade said. When the "Pokémon Live" writer's asked if they could actually include such a bombshell in the play, apparently, all The Pokémon Company allowed was for them to imply that Giovanni could be Ash's father. 

Now, this revelation is a scrapped story line from a non-canonical project. That being said, it's completely possible that Giovanni is Ash's father in canon as well. Maybe, one day, The Pokémon Company will finally allow fans to get some answers about Ash's father. Until then, it looks like Giovanni is as good a guess as any.