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Forspoken: How To Fast Travel

In "Forspoken," players control Frey, a modern woman who unexpectedly ends up in a fantasy land called Athia. Athia is a large map that invites players to explore every nook and cranny on their journey. But because of the game's size, traveling to locations far and wide on foot won't always be seen as a viable option to players who wish to truncate the already compact experience that "Forspoken" provides. For this purpose, "Forspoken" utilizes a fast travel feature that players can use to get to a specific location quickly.

The fast travel concept is a common trope in many open-world games, and in "Forspoken," the system works similarly to other games in the genre. However, the fast travel feature in "Forspoken" isn't immediately available to players and will require a bit effort on their part. So how does fast travel work in "Forspoken," and what must players do to unlock this convenient feature? 

It will be hard to miss if players make their way through the main story, but that also means players won't have the luxury until they've already started into the game.

Fast travel becomes available later into the game

According to Marie Pritchard of Eurogamer, fast travel is a feature that must be unlocked in "Forspoken." To unlock fast travel, players must first make their way through Cipal and find a Pilgrim's Refuge during the "Frey's Journey: Her Father's Findings" quest in Chapter 3. As noted by Prichard, this happens a few hours into the game.

After unlocking the fast travel feature, players can use the function by finding designated buildings and locations. More specifically, players will be able to fast travel via Pilgrim's Refuge locations, which essentially function as safehouses in the game. Fast travel to discovered Belfries is also available, as is fast traveling to settlements such as Cipal (via PC Invasion).

Despite this boon, players will not always have access to the fast travel feature. According to Gamespew, the option will be locked during sections of the game's story or when actively pursuing a specific quest. The fast travel icon will become gray whenever the feature becomes unavailable, signifying the function as inactive.

The fast travel function is undoubtedly a handy way to teleport around Athia; it'll just take some work before players can use it to go anywhere.