Persona 4 Golden: How To Beat Shadow Yosuke

One of the Xbox Game Pass games that will blow you away in 2023, "Persona 4 Golden," has plenty to do in the nearly 70 hours it takes to beat. When not going to school, befriending and romancing people, or spending time with their uncle and cousin, players will likely be fighting off shadows. Some of these shadows take the form of other characters, and that's the case with Shadow Yosuke.


Shadow Yosuke is the first major boss players encounter through the Midnight Channel in "Persona 4 Golden," and beating him leads to Yosuke getting his persona, Jiraiya. However, shadow Yosuke can be a bit difficult at first if players aren't sure of the systems in the game or are still trying to grasp how battling generally works.

Luckily, with just a little planning and knowledge, beating Shadow Yosuke is pretty straightforward. It just requires using most of the battle features available to the player.

Guarding is critical

Shadow Yosuke is the first major obstacle in "Persona 4 Golden," made to teach players how to Guard properly. However, the boss has a few tricks up his sleeve, like an ability called Power Charge. the move allows Shadow Yosuke's next physical attack to dish out 250% more damage than usual. That can be devastating for players, but it's exceedingly easy to read.


Shadow Yosuke will always attack in an order: Wind of Oblivion (dealing wind damage), Power Charge, a physical attack, and Guard. Whenever he uses Power Charge, players should Guard to protect against the oncoming physical attack. Then, they can whittle his health down with Zio, an electric move that Shadow Yosuke is weak to.

If this is a struggle, then using items at smart times can be helpful too. For example, since Shadow Yosuke guards after every physical attack he dishes, players know they'll be safe to heal or generate SP.