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One Detail About HM Cut That Many Pokemon Players Are Just Finding Out

There are a few features every good "Pokémon" game needs. There needs to be a wide variety of catchable Pokémon, a vast world with varying regions, and a series of HM (Hidden Machine) Pokémon moves that help you unlock certain areas. For the first several generations of Pokémon games, the HM Cut was used for just this purpose. Players are therefore very familiar with the move, but many are likely unaware of its one secret purpose. In today's day and age with social media, no secret stays secret for long, especially those in "Pokemon."


In the first several installments of the series, Cut was a move that could be used in battle. Like most other HMs, it could also be used outside of battle, according to Bulbapedia. When approaching certain objects like trees that often obstructed certain paths, Cut allowed a player's Pokémon to destroy them. As it turns out, in some of the first "Pokémon" games, those weren't the only objects that Cut could destroy. 

Cut's hidden power

"Pokémon" fans on social media have begun sharing Cut's secret purpose: to cut down the tall grass patches where players encounter Pokémon. In response to the question "What is the most useless piece of video game knowledge you know?" One Twitter user revealed Cut's little-known ability. 


"From Generations 1 to 3, a Pokémon which knew the HM "Cut" could cut down Tall Grass," they wrote. Another player replied "Had to test it out, you weren't lying" along with a video confirming Cut's ability to cut grass. It turns out Cut is more versatile than players thought.

For fans still playing the original few Pokémon generations, this skill could be quite useful. When it comes to progressing in the game, there are times when avoiding random-encounter battles is an absolute necessity. It's quite amazing: decades after these Pokémon games were released, players are still finding and discussing new strategies.