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This Cool Stardew Valley Hack Lets You Grow Infinite Grass

If you're not ready to move on to other games after "Stardew Valley" and just want to restart a farm, then you're in luck – an infinite grass hack makes the early parts of the game easier and cheaper.


In the early game, grass is an important resource. If the player has a Silo, cut grass can become Hay for livestock. Considering Hay costs 50g to buy, players can save a lot of money by cutting down as little grass as possible before they have a Silo. A Silo is relatively easy to build, costing 100g and requiring a bit of stone, clay, and copper bars, which are easy items to get on the farm full of debris at the start of the game.

However, the Hay gotten from grass at the beginning of the game will run out eventually, and this can happen quickly for those who keep a lot of animals. Plus, keeping grass outside barns and coops gives animals a place to graze. An infinite grass hack from TikTok user blink_see can make it so that the only time you run out of grass is when it's impossible to grow.


Grass plus fences equal infinite

In a TikTok from blink_see, they explained that grass under fences protects it. And, because grass will naturally grow in spots around itself, players can ensure that the grass won't be cut down or eaten. This is especially useful for fences surrounding barns and coops because it takes a lot of space to grow enough grass that will naturally grow while animals are eating it.


However, once Winter comes around and kills the grass, this trick isn't helpful. However, players can stock up on grass through the other seasons by utilizing the trick somewhere that isn't around animals. Then all they have to do is cut down grass to turn it into Hay (as long as they have a Silo).

This infinite grass hack can save players a ton of money, and it's perfect for a new save. If you're waiting around with high hopes for a "Stardew Valley 2," then this hack can help you pass the time while reliving the game again (and again and again).