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Hi-Fi Rush: The Best Strategy To Beat Rekka

"Hi-Fi Rush" was 2023's first surprise hit, releasing just after the Xbox Bethesda Showcase announced the rhythm-based action game's existence and confirmed it'd be available on Xbox Game Pass. While players can pet a friendly robot cat and take part in sometimes-difficult rhythm minigames, most of the game is spent fighting. And for those unaccustomed to the high-speed action, one of the earliest bosses, Rekka, can be pretty tricky to get past.


Rekka has four main phases to the encounter that players must survive, and she'll transition to a new phase every time she loses 25% of her health. While it's pretty easy to gauge when things are about to change, each stage features a different attack pattern and her vulnerability window changes as well. Knowing Rekka's attacks, when to hit, and when to run can help players get past the boss.

Here's how players can topple Rekka and continue Chai's star-studded journey.

Overcoming Rekka's four stages

According to Try Hard Guides, the first stage of Rekka's fight in "Hi-Fi Rush" features a stunning move where the boss charges toward players and an AoE move where she jumps up and slams down with the potential to stun. The most important thing here is to avoid a stun by dodging the attacks and doing damage when possible.


Sportskeeda explained that stage two of Rekka's fight includes a massive electrical attack that hits everything in the arena. To avoid this, use the grapple points on the ceiling. Rekka's at her most vulnerable after using this move, according to Sportskeeda, so this is when players should attack with everything they have. Rekka can also deploy a shield that only Peppermint can break during this stage.

As The Nerd Stash discusses, the third phase includes pipes that Rekka will both throw and slam on the ground. Overcoming this means watching and waiting for the best time to attack, ensuring to avoid the massive damage dealt by the pipes. She'll also try to grapple players after a small wind-up, which can provide an opening if dodged.


During the final phase, Rekka will go after the player with pipes again, but she'll wield them as a melee weapon this time. Once she pauses, unleash an attack, as she'll be pretty weak at this point (via Eurogamer).