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Resident Evil 4 Remake Is Ditching An Unpopular Mechanic (But Expanding In Other Ways)

There are plenty of things that the "Resident Evil 4" remake needs to get right, like connecting to newer games in the franchise and keeping its particular brand of campy speech. However, fans have already discussed that not everything from the original 2005 game needs to be included, and it seems like Capcom agrees – the unpopular Quick Time Events won't be part of the remake while new mechanics are being added.

According to a Game Informer interview with Capcom, the controversial Quick Time Events are being removed entirely (via IGN). Quick Time Events were button-matching sequences that players had to get correct in a short amount of time at the end of some battles. In some cases, players would die if these weren't done properly. They've been part of the "Resident Evil" franchise since "Resident Evil 4" despite being an unpopular mechanic among fans.

Considering that the "Resident Evil 3" remake included Quick Time Events, removing them is an unexpected decision that's bound to make players happy. Capcom also discussed even more features that are being added to the remake to give it more life, longevity, and a bit of fresh air.

Sidequests, durability, and more

The "Resident Evil 4" remake will have a few new quality-of-life features that should be for the better. According to IGN, sidequests will be available for players to complete. These optional missions will appear as blue flyers and ask players to do everything from taking down enemies to figuring out puzzles.

Knife durability is also being added. However, players can keep multiple knives on them in case one breaks unexpectedly. Weapon durability is a controversial feature in many games, so players may have conflicting feelings about the additional feature. However, there's no word on whether or not other weapons will also have durability, so it may be a smaller feature with no major effect on combat.

Another change is coming to Ashley Graham as a partner character. According to developers, Ashley felt too much like a "second health bar to babysit," so the team revisited her AI (via IGN). She'll be able to help the player a bit through the world, too. Developers gave an example of Ashley being able to unlock a door by crawling through a small space. And while the second health bar won't be seen on-screen, once Ashley takes an excessive amount of damage, she'll fall down. Players will need to revive her before she's hit again or she'll be killed.

Fans old and new can get excited for the "Resident Evil 4" remake, which will debut March 24, 2023.