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How Long Does It Take To Beat Season: A Letter To The Future?

One of the most anticipated open-world games of this year, "Season: A Letter to the Future" seems to have delivered on the hype that was behind it. As stated in SVG's own Sam Watanuki's review of the game, Scavengers Studio's indie adventure title is a masterclass in video game storytelling that places players in the shoes of a small-town girl named Estelle who documents the inevitably ending world around her as she travels around on her bicycle. It's a poignant, thoughtful, and beautiful journey into themes such as purpose and existentialism. But how long can players expect to spend with it before this digital world is washed away?

While "Season: A Letter to the Future" is a worthy and impressive adventure game, players shouldn't expect it to be a long adventure according to the reviews. But should they be willing to dive in head-first and truly experience this remarkable world, the game does offer longer playthroughs that can occupy gamers for a bit.

Season: A Letter to the Future can take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours to beat

Mark Delaney's review of the game for GameSpot claims that "Season: A Letter to the Future" will take players anywhere from 6-12 hours to complete — depending on how the player approaches the title. RPGFan's Audra Bowling made an identical estimate, with her review stating that her playthrough was made longer by her constant desire to search the game's world. Andrew Webster's review of the game for The Verge fell neatly into this window, with Webster saying that it took him seven hours to finish the game.

Other reviewers such as Vikki Blake of Eurogamer and Sam Loveridge of GamesRadar have reported similar times and beyond. However, this window can be compressed down to an even more truncated playthrough. Justin Lucas of NPR wrote that "Season: A Letter to the Future" could take as little as three hours to finish, with his estimate suggesting that the game should be completed in no more than eight hours. Preliminary reports on HowLongToBeat have the game listed at five hours, which seems a nice medium between accounts.

Overall, any gamer who gives "Season: A Letter to the Future" a try should expect it to last up to 12 hours, depending on how willing they are to dive deep into the game's most hidden secrets. However, if you're in a rush to see the end, you can trim that down to less than five.