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The Silent Hill Game That Should Get Remade Next

Some of gaming's best survival titles have to be the "Silent Hill" games, and players want more –- specifically, they want remakes. Made to twist the mind and push gamers' limits with what's possible in terms of survival, the franchise is particularly well-known for grotesque themes and uniquely creepy monsters. Since the original "Silent Hill" game launched in 1999, the games have only grown in popularity, even spawning a film series. In other words, the expanding world of "Silent Hill" is far from finished.

Naturally, it makes sense why fans want modernized versions of these classic titles. They simply can't get enough of "Silent Hill" and its unique brand of thrill. There's already a remake of "Silent Hill 2" on the way, and the stakes are high for it since it's considered the best "Silent Hill" title by many. Beyond that, fans are hoping for further remakes. This is especially relevant given the fact that the "Silent Hill 2" remake is still lacking a release date, leading to extra suspense around an already suspenseful title. In the hearts of many, one game is a particularly strong candidate for a remake. Here's what fans think should be the next "Silent Hill" remake.

Fans want the original Silent Hill remade next

Of course, fan preferences are crucial to take into account when considering which "Silent Hill" game Konami will make next, as what fans desire will certainly have an impact on sales — as well as the potential remake's overall reputation and success. In a Reddit survey about which "Silent Hill" game should be remade next that got nearly 900 participants, over 66% of voters selected "Silent Hill 1" as their most-desired remake.

Gamers passionate about the topic took some time to share their reasoning for why "Silent Hill" is the game that needs to be remade next in the series. In the comments of the Reddit survey, many fans expressed their hopes for modernized graphics and audio. Since "Silent Hill" was released last century, this is a huge reason why the game deserves a rehaul.

In another Reddit post, a fan of the franchise asserted that the first "Silent Hill" game should be remade next since it is the precursor to "Silent Hill 3." It wouldn't make sense to make a sequel before the original, so this reasoning coupled with the game's age makes "Silent Hill" the perfect candidate for a remake. As for whether or not an additional series remake is in the cards after "Silent Hill 2," that'll likely depend on the success of the upcoming remaster.