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The Chaotic Skyrim Mod Inspired By Super Mario 64

"Skyrim" has a thriving modding community, especially considering the game was initially released in 2011. As a result, fans have had plenty of time to come up with the best, most wholesome, and sometimes chaotic mods to occasionally completely change the game. Of course, for every bizarre modding fixation about the cabbages that appear in-game, there are those looking to add something different to the longstanding RPG. In fact, there's even one such mod inspired by a ROM hack of "Super Mario 64."


Romhacks are essentially hacked versions of games that have been altered somehow. They're very similar to mods, but they're generally for games that aren't available to mod, which tend to be older games. The ROM hack that influenced one mod in "Skyrim" is "Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition."

Just like the name implies, the "Chaos Edition" ROM hack for "Super Mario 64" makes random things happen while the player is going through the game as usual. This understandably makes the game harder and more interesting for those that have already conquered its challenges. "Skyrim" now also has a version of this mod.

Skyrim Chaos Edition

"Skyrim Chaos Edition" offers a similar experience to "Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition." According to Nexus Mods, the "Skyrim" mod has 12 different situations that can randomly occur throughout the game. This includes launching characters into the air, spawning deadly creatures, life or death quizzes, and even transformations into a Werewolf or Vampire. And that's only the tip of the iceberg, as additional effects can befall players too.


YouTuber Aceoffate played through "Skyrim" with the mod, but they added a unique twist: every time they died, a new random mod was added to the game. As if the "Chaos Edition" wasn't hard enough, Aceoffate had to deal with weight-based staminapunishments for taking back-to-back potionsexploding chickens, and updated, harder dragon combat. This caused even more chaos for the content creator while trying to beat the familiar story.

For those waiting on "Elder Scrolls 6" who are getting tired of playing the same old "Skyrim," using this mod can prove to be as hilarious as it is challenging.