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Where To Find The Platinum Watch In Persona 3 Portable

While some "Persona" fans are waiting for "Persona 6," others are busy trying to take on the third game in the series. "Persona 3 Portable," which is slightly different from "Persona 3 FES," came to Xbox Series consoles, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC in 2023, bringing the game to modern consoles. Now, players get to do things like work on Elizabeth's quests all over again.


Elizabeth, or Theodore depending on which protagonist they chose and what Velvet Room choice they made, has quests available throughout the game that offer players valuable rewards. These unlock as players explore more of Tartarus, and completing certain quests will also unlock more quests (with even greater rewards). One particular quest asks for a Platinum Watch, which players most likely won't have in their inventory unless they already knew what was coming.

Luckily, finding the Platinum Watch is incredibly easy to do once players know where to go and what they have to do.

The police station next door

While some of Elizabeth/Theodore's quests can be quite difficult or lengthy to complete, finding the Platinum Watch takes no time at all. According to users on a Gamespot forum, getting the Platinum Watch requires the player to head to the police station, which happens to be right beside the Velvet Room. It'll be purchasable there if the player is level 26 and beats the boss on floor 47 of Tartarus.


Once the Platinum Watch has been bought, players can bring it to Elizabeth/Theodore, and they'll give them some armor for Aegis in return. Completing this quest will also unlock Quest 30, which rewards players with a mighty sword.

Players won't be able to complete the quest for a Platinum Watch unless they're previously completed multiple other quests that are time-gated. So players must ensure they're completing every quest possible to get these bonus rewards and some of the best Persona fusions possible.