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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Change Appearance And Outfits

In the record-breaking "Hogwarts Legacy," fans of the "Harry Potter" franchise have been granted access to what some critics call the most immersive and engaging experience they've ever had. Be it executing popular spells such as Levioso or flying around Hogwarts and Hogsmeade on a broomstick, the game offers fans of the franchise almost anything they could ask of the Wizarding World. However, players' options while playing "Hogwarts Legacy" aren't only limited to the big iconic actions — they also have options to modify their appearance throughout the experience.


Throughout one's journey, players have the option to purchase or collect pieces of clothing. And if they're rather unsatisfied with some of their character's more superficial features, modifications can be made to these as well. The process of changing one's appearance in "Hogwarts Legacy" is a rather simple and straightforward one that involves either opening a menu or visiting a shop in Hogsmeade, depending on what players wish to do. And both of these tasks can be done at the beginning stages of the game.

Changing one's appearance is a relatively simple process

In "Hogwarts Legacy," players have two options when it comes to modifying the look of their in-game avatar. One option involves changing certain articles of clothing the character wears, while the other involves modifying some aspects of the character's actual appearance. For starters, players can collect and will also be able to purchase several different outfits and clothes for their character. To alter clothing items, players must first get the Field Guide from Professor Hecat in the opening sections of the game. Once past that point, players can open up the Field Guide menu and select the "Gear" option as shown by YouTuber ConCon. Once there, fans can equip their character with cosmetics such as gloves, hats, neckwear, robes, and even full-blown outfits. The game also always players to don cosmetics on their face, like goggles or even masks.


If players wish to change their character's hairstyle, blemishes, or other features, players must first unlock access to Hogsmeade. The town is just outside of Hogwarts' grounds. Once there, players can visit Madam Snelling's Tress Emporium. The proprietor at this location will allow players to change some of their character's previously decided features. However, it should be noted that a few aspects of a player's character cannot be changed after starting the game. This includes their skin color, voice, or their identification as either a Witch or Wizard.