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New Super Mario Bros. Movie Ad Features A Surprising Saturday Morning Throwback

"The Super Mario Bros. Movie" is quickly approaching its release. Set to debut on the silver screen on April 7, 2023, most of the pre-release discourse surrounding the film has been mixed, to say the least. Chris Pratt is set to voice the titular Super Mario, a decision that has divided fans due to his voice not quite matching what players of the game series are accustomed to. However, some of these concerns have been quelled due to the nice details shown in subsequent trailers. And now, just months before the movie's debut, Universal Pictures has given fans a nice call-back to one of the more notorious "Super Mario" media pieces.

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world, second to only the FIFA World Cup. Because of the sheer amount of eyes on the event, many advertisers and sponsors pull out all of the stops to drop memorable commercials during the occasion. Be it new cars, drinks, or movies, the Super Bowl provides some of the best advertisements out there and 2023's collection of Super Bowl commercials has proved no exception. One of these commercials includes an advert for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" reminiscent of an old Saturday morning TV series from a brief period of the franchise's history.

The Mario Brothers bring back the Super Show theme

On February 12, hours prior to the Super Bowl's airing, an advert for "The Super Mario Bros Movie." arrived in the form of a humorous plumbing commercial. Dubbed "Super Mario Bros. Plumbing," the ad features Mario and Luigi arriving at a woman's house and fixing her sink. The confused woman thanks the brothers for their work (while reading off a cue card). The commercial itself features a boom-bap hip-hop song ripped straight from the intro to "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show," a Saturday morning kids' show that only lasted one season in 1989.

Along with the commercial, fans can check out the official website for the fictional brothers' plumbing business. Super Mario Bros. Plumbing even has a phone number, 929-55-MARIO (62746). Should people call the number, they'll be greeted by an automated message from Luigi which, confusingly, advertises texting the number that's already been dialed. It also advises callers to visit the website for the company.

If you're a big-time "Super Mario Bros." fan, this commercial is sure to hit on the nostalgia for a brief, albeit popular moment of the IP's past.