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Is Redfall Online-Only?

Fans of Arcane Austin's former titles like "Dishonored" and "Prey" are no doubt excited for the studio's next outing, "Redfall." But will players be able to experience the game via a single-player offline campaign? According to the official website, the first-person, co-op-centric shooter will be available for purchase on May 2. The game certainly seems to have a detailed story that would make for a good solo campaign; fans have noted their excitement for the game, with some touting the fact that it may provide storytelling like no game before it.


In a Reddit thread asking what Redfall features fans were most excited about, multiple fans said the story. "To see how Arkane does environmental storytelling on the largest scale yet," one fan wrote on Reddit. "[T]he story/gameworld just looks rad," wrote another.

Set in the town of Redfall, Massachusetts, the game tasks the players with fighting an army of vampires and discovering the mystery of where they came from. The website confirms there to be single-player, noting how the game blends multi-player and solo play seamlessly. But, for players to hop back and forth between single and multi-player during gameplay, will an internet connection be required at all times?

Redfall is always online

In an FAQ page on the "Redfall" website, Bethesda Studios —the publisher of "Redfall"— answered whether fans could play the game offline. And Bethesda's answer was no doubt a blow to players with spotty internet connections. According to the studio, an internet connection is indeed needed at all times to play "Redfall" in single-player and co-op. If players can't connect to the internet, they can't play "Redfall."


Gamers took to social media to voice their displeasure with the revelation that "Redfall" will be an always-online title.

"I'm not buying '[R]edfall' anymore. this is where game pass will be useful, since i can still check it out. but always online for single player translates to me as a no purchase," The Washington Post's games reporter Greg Park tweeted.

"What happens in 10 years when the servers shut down? Or if my internet goes out? I was super hyped for it, but this just killed any excitement," another player wrote in a Reddit thread full of similar comments.

Will this always-online strategy work for "Redfall"? While it's too early to tell, it's safe to say at least some gamers are already upset at the idea.