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Hogwarts Legacy Has A Simulation Game, But It's Probably Not What You're Thinking

"Hogwarts Legacy" has certainly stirred the pot of controversy since its announcement and subsequent release, but despite that fact, it's still breaking records worldwide. Of course, that's not to say the disharmony around the game has relented. As it turns out, "Hogwarts Legacy" has already got banned by a particular speedrunning organization, and now others appear to be taking some action against the title too.

A new game has appeared on itch.io called "Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator." As opposed to simulator titles players may already be familiar with, like "Power Wash Simulator" or "Microsoft Flight Simulator," the aim of this game isn't to simulate the act of playing "Hogwarts Legacy" — it's to simulate a chat where players are shamed for their decision to purchase "Hogwarts Legacy." The game is currently down, with its page locked by a password, but that came after onlookers had a chance to see what the title was really all about.

Here's what players can expect from "Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator" if the title is ever made available to the public again, and also what the community had to say.

The simulator shames Hogwarts Legacy purchasers, impresses no one

"Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator" aims to deliver a satirical experience where the player character is considering purchasing "Hogwarts Legacy." Deepening the decision are constant messages from Warner Bros. CEO David Michael Zaslav, J.K. Rowling, someone named Ashley, and a friend with an apparent Joker fixation. Naturally, Zaslav and Rowling's messages demand players to buy and keep buying copies of "Hogwarts Legacy," and each time the player does, a newspaper appears with headlines alluding to the fact that Rowling is funneling players' money into campaigns against trans people. Along the way, Asmongold is even name-dropped as the player's friend uses the streamer to justify their own purchase.

Reception to "Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator" has been pretty one-sided, with plenty of online commenters noting the futility of trying to get gamers to ignore "Hogwarts Legacy" by talking about it. Popular YouTuber LegacyKillaHD tweeted, "This is pretty embarassing," with others echoing similar sentiments. One Twitter user summed the situation up neatly, saying, "There's been a lot of petulant behaviour from the TRA's over 'Hogwarts Legacy,' but imagine taking the time to make a browser game slandering J K Rowling and anyone who bought the game."

While "Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator" remains unreachable and locked, it doesn't seem like it had the finesse to pull off what it sought to accomplish. And who knows if it'll ever see the light of day again.