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Mighty Doom Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

The "Doom" franchise has undergone quite a transformation over the years. From its early days as a straightforward shooter to the survival horror of "Doom 3" and the high-flying, sword-swinging platforming of "Doom Eternal," the Doom Slayer's journey has taken him to some unexpected places. But one thing "Doom" has never really been is cute.


"Mighty Doom" is set to change all that. This top-down shooter from Alpha Dog Games brings "Doom" to mobile devices, putting players in charge of an adorable new version of Doomguy called the Mini Slayer. His pet rabbit has been kidnapped by the forces of Mini-Hell, and they're going to regret getting in Mini Doom's way. The game takes place in Bethesda's all-new (and extremely toyetic) "animated 'Doom' universe," but don't let the cuteness fool you. Even in this form, "Doom" is still "Doom."

Here's everything you need to know before "Mighty Doom" arrives this spring.

When is the release date for Mighty Doom?

Some territories have already gotten a chance to check out the bonkers action of "Mighty Doom." The title soft-launched in New Zealand back in 2021, allowing the devs at Alpha Dog Games to get a feel for any tweaks and improvements that might be necessary before the full global release. 


It looks like the testing phase is finally complete, because Bethesda and Alpha Dog Games are prepped to release "Mighty Doom" for iOS and Android devices on March 21, 2023. Fans can pre-register for the game on Bethesda's website to get access to a bundle of goodies on launch day. This bundle, called the Mini Slayer's Pack, comes with keys that can be used to open up weapon and gear chests, as well as two alternate weapon skins inspired by the villains of the series. Players can pre-register for the game up until March 19.

Is there a trailer for Mighty Doom?

It's safe to say that longtime fans of the franchise will be pleased to see the series' penchant for over the top violence has not been toned down by much. While it's somewhat less bloody, the Mini Slayer is still on a heavily armed rampage. A brief cinematic in the trailer shows off the ways in which "Mighty Doom" is able to combine the horror and action of the core games with the new title's cutesy aesthetics. This trailer might feature the world's first adorable decapitation.


In this cutscene, a small Doom Slayer figurine gets hit with a wave of Argent energy, comes to life, and goes to town on his demonic enemies. In case you were wondering if the Mini Slayer had his own tiny BFG — don't worry, because he totally does. Mini Slayer is seen using the ultra-powerful weapon to wipe out a bridge full of foes before slicing the head off of a massive Cyber Demon. The rest of the trailer is devoted to showing off a bit of gameplay. And speaking of which...

What is the gameplay like in Mighty Doom?

The announcement trailer for "Mighty Doom" gives players a pretty good idea of what to expect from the title when it comes to gameplay. Pretty much every weapon you've come to expect from the series is present and accounted for, from the aforementioned BFG to a devastating rocket launcher. The game is played from a top-down perspective, allowing players to see every corner of the arena as they maneuver their way through hordes of demons. Depending on what kind of weapon you use, enemies may just turn into a little red smear on the pavement, or they may even explode in a shower of bones and body parts.


The game will also feature the return of Glory Kills, the cinematic (and super satisfying) finishing moves that have become a staple of the more recent "Doom" installments. Get ready for things to get ugly... but still in a kinda-cute way.

Perhaps most exciting is the addition of rogue-lite gameplay. Players should expect to die a lot in the battle against Mini Hell, but each failure offers an opportunity to upgrade the Mini Slayer's arsenal and try again for greater rewards.