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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Complete Rescuing Rococo Side Quest

Nifflers are cute, and probably not suited for the cruel world that is the outskirts of the English countryside in "Hogwarts Legacy." One curious quest – full of puzzles and secret areas – tasks players with finding a missing pet Niffler, who has wandered off into a dangerous area. "Rescuing Rococo" sends players well away from Hogwarts and allows them to engage with the wider wizarding population, doing a good deed for an innocent merchant along the way. One of the best aspects of "Hogwarts Legacy" is exploring the world with a completely customizable character, but it's also nice to know that during that exploration one can also do some good deeds. Here's how to find and safely return Rococo – and maybe rid the world of a few Ashwinders along the way.


To initiate the quest, players must visit Bainburgh and speak to the merchant Agnes Coffey, who has a terrible problem that needs solving. Her beloved pet Niffler, Rococo, has gone missing. Agnes explains that she and Rococo were taking their typical morning walk near Henrietta's Hideaway when the little Niffler spotted something shiny and ran off, dipping into the Hideaway to find the object. The first step to finding the wily Niffler is tracing his last whereabouts and heading towards an ominous set of ruins on the Southeastern end of the Manor Cape.

The first room is a doozy

First, players must make it through a heavily guarded set of ruins. Ashwinders and Infamous Foe Dunstan Trinity roam the ruins, but there are two ways to navigate the situation: stealth and magic. Gamers looking to simply get where they're going can sneak past the enemies via a Disillusionment spell. Of course, there's always the option to go "wands out," as well, and gamers can choose to fight the baddies if they wish.


Once in the Hideaway, the very first room holds a puzzle. The room has two square sections in the middle of the floor and a platform with a statue on the right and left walls. One square segment already has a cube placed within it, hinting that players should then find another cube to sit in the companion hole. That cube is behind the statue on the left side. Simply light the brazier to have the statue spin around and reveal the missing block. Then, move the block to the empty square to complete the room's puzzle. Players can use a variety of spells to complete these two tasks, but Confringo or Incendio will light the brazier and Accio or Wingardium Leviosa will manipulate it to its final resting place.


From there, examining the two square areas reveals that there's a specific spell associated with each spell. The cube on the right needs an ice-themed spell in order to activate – as evidenced by the snowflake on the platform, while the left square needs a fire-themed spell. Finally, gamers can leave the room, but it's only the first challenge in the Hideaway.

Rococo, safe and sound

The next room is full of Ashwinders, and players can either shoot or stealth their way through the room. Using Revelio reveals a trail of shiny gold coins leading up a staircase on the left of the room – coins fit for a Niffler! Following the trail takes players past a trap floor and into a room full of Ashwinders. Unlike before, there's no real option to stealth through this encounter, because there's also a puzzle that needs to be solved. After defeating the Ashwinders, players are then free to settle in with the puzzle, which is nearly identical to the one in the first room. Using Revelio will show players where one block is, but the other requires more digging. A wall under a staircase is actually an invisible wall, and simply walking into it causes the wall to open up and reveal a secret room. Line up the blocks with their respective pads, matching the symbols on both. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the left block and a fire spell on the right to open the door and proceed to the next room. Born 2 Game offers a good visual representation of the puzzle.


Thankfully, Rococo is just beyond the door, gleefully searching for treasure. There are a couple of ways to catch Rococo, and either works just as well. Using Arresto Momentum, players can still the Niffler and tuck him in the Nab-Sack. Alternatively, players can use Wingardium Leviosa to get Rococo to settle down, then shove him in the Nab-Sack.

After catching the little creature, head back to Agnes and deliver him safely. There are a few other optional puzzles in Henrietta's Hideaway, but at least you can rest easy knowing Rococo is safe.