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Pokimane Blows Up Influencer Secrets In Hugely Popular TikTok

Pokimane has always tried to level with her viewers, attempting to be down to earth despite her fame. Part of remaining humble involves sharing the parts of her job that fans don't get to see. She recently shared a deeply personal experience that affected her life, explaining to fans that an industry pro faked a relationship with her to manipulate other streamers, bringing attention to the harassment many public figures face once becoming popular. 

Still, Pokimane has rarely aired secrets about what goes on behind-the-scenes in the industry. However, now that she's had time to see how the broader world of streaming works, Pokimane is ready to tell all on her TikTok account. In a good-natured post, the streamer shared some secrets" that influencers use to appear more wealthy, more engaged, and more aspirational – and fans loved it.

Pokimane claimed that she was "deinfluencing" by sharing some secrets of the industry, speaking directly into a tiny mic in TikTok fashion. The streamer fully embraced the tell-all nature of her video, joking that she's spilling the secrets that influencers "don't want you to know." She also acknowledged that she also works within the space of influence and content creation, but that it's fun to share what really goes on for those living a supposedly glamorous lifestyle.

Her first order of business? Outing fake relationships. Pokimane explained that many influencers have relationships strictly for PR purposes, and that when allegations of cheating eventually emerge it hides the truth: that couple was never together in the first place. Pokimane wondered if YouTube creators did this more than influencers on other social media platforms, but didn't come to a conclusion. Part of influencing is undoubtedly marketing oneself, though.

Pokimane tells all

Pokimane also explained that creators who use sites like OnlyFans often hire a staff to reply to messages for them. This way, fans feel like they're getting a personal, one-on-one experience with a creator, even if it's just a part-timer playing a role. Pokimane emphasized that she didn't see anything wrong with having a team handle social media and messaging, and that it was a smart business move for those who use subscription-based sites. She also laughed, saying that it was kind of "funny to imagine a very excited man at home thinking he's messaging this really hot girl and it's like, her gay assistant or something."

Lastly, Pokimane talked about the luxurious clothing that influencers always seem to wear. For special events, she explained that many content creators rent or borrow designer clothing to wear once and then return. This acts as a way for designers to promote their work via a successful creator while also lending the influencer some clout from the brand. Pokimane argued that clothing is often a downfall for aspiring influencers, who might feel encouraged to spend large amounts of money on designer clothes they don't need. Also, Pokimane laughed, dupes sometimes come into play as well.

Users flooded Pokimane's replies, asking for more examinations of the influencing life, and requesting that she talk about brand sponsorships next. Pokimane responded, telling her fans that if enough people asked, or if the video was popular, she just might continue providing insight to a world few get to see.