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This Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Character Has A Disturbing True Crime Connection

As the release date for Gun Interactive's highly anticipated "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" game approaches, the devs are offering more insight regarding its terrifying cast of characters. Much like the team's previous effort, "Friday the 13th: The Game," "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" displays a great deal of reverence for its gory source material. This can be seen not only in the screen-accurate recreations of the Sawyer family's farmhouse, but also in the attention paid to crafting each character's backstory. The latest trailer for "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" gives fans a closer look at some of the killers that will be making life difficult for the unlucky teenagers who stumble upon the farm, including one who has a tune in her heart while she works.

Sure, Leatherface is a truly fearsome foe, but the scariest part of the trailer might be the moment when a woman is seen singing while she slices a young man's throat. She seems completely at peace, her eerie song underscoring the last chunk of the preview footage. As it turns out, although the original "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" movie was partially inspired by the horrifying crimes of Ed Gein, this song is connected to another one of America's most famous true crime stories.

The Manson Family makes a spiritual appearance in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

As Gun Interactive CEO Wes Keltner explains on Twitter, the woman with a fondness for folk music and straight razors is named Sissy, a newer member of the family. And the song she's singing was originally composed by a very different family — the Manson Family

Infamous cult leader Charles Manson, when not orchestrating horrific crimes to be carried out by his followers, also fancied himself a bit of a troubadour, even hanging out and writing songs with The Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson. Producer Phil Kaufman eventually released a number of Manson's solo recordings, while members of his "family" also re-recorded Manson's songs and released albums of their own. 

Judging from Keltner's comments, it can be assumed that Sissy spent a bit of time with Charles Manson and his followers before she settled down the likes of Leatherface, the Hitchhiker, and Drayton Sawyer. It remains to be seen just how many of the Manson Family's songs will be sung in "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre," but this little detail lends an extra degree of chilling authenticity to Sissy and the game's other killers.