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You Can Play As Voldemort In Hogwarts Legacy, But You Need A Mod

There are plenty of "Hogwarts Legacy" mods out there, including bizarre and intriguing options involving everyone from Shrek to a sentient giant hotdog to Nicholas Cage and beyond. As if those zany options weren't enough, now, there's a mod offering Potter fans — or Potter enemies, as the case may be — the chance to step into the shoes of Harry's arch-nemesis, Voldemort. Thanks to modder Dego who uploaded the game addition to Nexus Mods, the Dark Lord can make his bold move from antagonist to protagonist — or at least antihero.

"Hogwarts Legacy" is losing some steam since its February 10, 2023 release, including the dropoff of about half of its Steam players due to other games entering the market and a desire for more gameplay beyond the single-player story campaign. That being said, free mods are breathing new life into the title, as evidenced by the over 3,000 unique downloads on the Voldemort mod in question.

There's nothing too fancy to the mod, but it is satisfying in its simplicity. Dego really only altered the face and hands of the character, leaving the rest as-is for a fairly standard gameplay experience otherwise. There aren't many more details in the official mod description since it's pretty straightforward — though Dego does give players a glimpse of how it all comes together in a two-minute YouTube demo. In the demo, players can hear Voldemort's voice dubbed over the character's when he shouts, "Avada kedavra!" There are a few other fun additions in store, and one, in particular, stands out.

Voldemort can have hair, for once

Though the Voldemort mod for "Hogwarts Legacy" is cut-and-dry in that it simply adds in his head and hands without otherwise altering gameplay, there are a few more options to make things even more fun. Namely, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named doesn't have to keep his classic bald look. That's right — thanks to this new silly mod, Voldemort can choose from a variety of hairstyles.

It doesn't stop at the hair. Players can use standard character customizations on the Dark Lord. Reading books about the Dark Arts might require some glasses, giving this new protagonist a posh, almost professor-like aesthetic. He can blend in with the other students in classic robes, or take on a different style — though stealth might not be an option since his signature slit nostrils are a dead giveaway for this well-known evil-doer. The choices are varied, and it certainly adds a fun spin to "Hogwarts Legacy."

There's a lot gamers want out of a theoretical "Hogwarts Legacy" sequel, but in the meantime, modders like the Voldemort mod's Dego are certainly filling in the gaps the original game left. It's definitely a unique chance that can't be found in any canon Wizarding World game, and it's totally free — though the creator does appreciate crypto donations and art commissions as explained in the mod's description.