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Redfall's Four Playable Characters - What You Need To Know

"Redfall" transports players to a fictional Massachusetts town overrun by vampires. Gamers can take on the open-world FPS either solo or with a group of friends, with both approaches providing a different type of experience. The former option draws on Arkane's legacy as a creator of immersive, single-player, story-driven campaigns, emphasizing strategy and stealth. In contrast, multiplayer runs allow users to mix and match skills and roles, placing the focus more on interaction and teamwork. Planning still comes in handy, but partying with others offers a bit more safety and flexibility, opening up more pathways to success.


Given its status as the developer's first co-op game, it may not come as a surprise that "Redfall" also offers Arkane's largest roster of playable characters to date. Whether you dive in alone or with allies, the protagonist you choose will have a strong influence on how you approach encounters. Each persona comes with unique abilities, upgrades, styles, and stories. Prospective buyers will want to learn the basics so they can identify the character that best fits their preferences and get the most out of their vampire-hunting adventures.

Devinder 'Dev' Crousley

Before getting stuck in Redfall, Devinder amassed quite the online following thanks to his obsession with cryptids. He documented his love of the paranormal through film and books and spent years putting together contraptions to aid him in his research. "Think of Devinder as, essentially, all four Ghostbusters rolled into one – he has the scientific expertise of Spengler, the wonder of Stantz, the cool demeanor of Zeddemore, and the wit of Venkman," explained Xbox Wire's Joe Skrebels.


Thanks to the situation in Massachusetts, Dev finally has the opportunity to put his inventions to the test and validate his belief in the weirder side of reality. With his Arc Javelin, he can pump enemies full of electricity in a small area, potentially slaying some vampires in the process. Translocate enables him to toss and teleport to a small device – a move reminiscent of the Blink ability from the "Dishonored" series. Finally, he can use Blacklight to hit multiple targets with a UV beam, petrifying a whole group of vampires at once. His combined kit makes him great at crowd control and dishing out AoE damage, while also potentially letting him move around undetected.

Layla Ellison

Redfall Technical University's biomedical engineering program drew Layla to the now-besieged coastal town. Faced with the harsh financial realities of higher education, Layla dabbled in alternative means of making cash by signing up for an experimental study conducted by Aevum Therapeutics. That's the same company responsible for unleashing the outbreak that caused Redfall's rather deadly predicament. Layla made it out the other side with a new telekinetic skillset, enabling her to survive the vampire scourge and help the more mundane residents caught in the crossfire.


Layla's kit primarily centers on mobility. As the name suggests, Lift conjures a telekinetic elevator that propels people skyward, instantly making an encounter a bit more vertical. Umbrella creates a projectile-blocking shield that she can also throw to hurt foes in a line. Her Ultimate, Vampire Ex-Boyfriend, does exactly what it sounds like, calling on her former beaux to provide some backup in tricky situations. The player can upgrade all of these skills and add on various effects, such as absorbing and reflecting energy from incoming bullets.

Remi de la Rosa

MIT graduate and combat engineer Remi serves as the ultimate support in "Redfall," taking down vampires and safeguarding civilians through a combination of tech and triage. In addition to designing her robot companion, Bribón, Remi invested much of her time into instructing Coast Guard members on the best methods for augmenting search and rescue efforts with robotics. This focus eventually brought her to Redfall. While she has shaped her life around helping others and facing disasters head-on, the vampire outbreak continues to put all of her hard-won skills to the test.


In addition to playing support, Remi functions as the primary tank of the core cast. She shines in close-quarters combat, but her background also lends itself to more strategic approaches. For a burst of offensive power, she can throw or pre-place a C4 Charge and then set it off from a distance. Through the Siren ability, she can draw in and distract enemies with the help of Bribón. These two skills synergize nicely, allowing Remi to ambush foes with explosive traps. If a situation takes a turn for the worst, she can also create a control point with her Ultimate, Mobilize, to heal herself and her allies.

Jacob Boyer

Those looking to go the stealth route in "Redfall" should consider selecting Jacob for their playthrough. After navigating the foster care system for years, he joined the military, eventually working his way into a position as a sniper for the Special Forces. After his service ended, he transitioned to contract work for Bellwether Security, taking on a variety of corporate and government assignments. Thanks to this career path, Jacob ended up in Redfall during the outbreak as part of a cryptic mission. While in town, he had a run-in with one of the vampire gods that left him with new psychic-based powers.


Jacob primarily attacks from range, using his skillset to maneuver around and manipulate the battlefield. His spectral bird companion, referred to simply as Raven, allows him to tag foes in the surrounding area, revealing the best path forward. Thanks to his Cloak ability, which renders him temporarily invisible, he can set himself up for an ideal shot, take enemies by surprise, or even bypass combat encounters entirely. Once in place, he can conjure Heartstopper, his psychic sniper rifle, to execute those who get in his way.