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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Small Details Only Hardcore Fans Caught

The new and revamped remake of "Resident Evil 4" seems to have definitely been worth the wait, as noted by the rave critical reviews that preceded its launch. Capcom's rework of this action-horror classic has made a number of improvements to the source material, as well as added plenty of exciting changes to keep it fresh for longtime fans. There's a clear attention to detail here, and gamers are certainly taking notice. Leon's battle against Los Illuminados has never looked so good.


In fact, the new game incorporates a number of smaller details that enrich the experience as a whole. Some of these are fun callbacks to the original "Resident Evil 4," while others just serve to illustrate just how much love and care went into crafting this update. So put on your suit of armor and get ready to do some sick mid-air flips — here are some of the little touches that hardcore "Resident Evil" fans are picking up on in 2023's "Resident Evil 4."

Mendez's eye isn't totally useless

In the original "Resident Evil 4," the boss battle with the mutated Father Mendez served a dual purpose. For one thing, it meant finally getting rid of one of the scariest villains in the game. But perhaps more importantly, taking Mendez's eye from the burning wreckage after his defeat allowed Leon to open a door with a retinal scanner. It's a fun bit of sci-fi heightening that fits the slightly campier tone of the original game.


The scanner doesn't show up in the new version of the game, but players who investigate the scene after killing Mendez will learn they can still add the creep's eye to their inventory. As it turns out, false eyes apparently fetch a pretty penny in this region. Leon can take the eye to the Merchant in exchange for some pesetas, meaning Mendez's death indirectly funds even more weapons purchases for Leon's mission.

Ashley's very reactive

Ashley Graham has become a much more active NPC in the remake. She even attempts to escape her would-be captors at several points, rather than letting them snag her at every turn like in the original. Beyond that, Capcom has gone the extra mile to make Ashley more reactive, as well.


During tense firefights, Ashley ops to hang back and let Leon do his thing. But just because she doesn't do much fighting, it doesn't mean she can't appreciate a job well done. When Leon lands a headshot on a crooked cultist, Ashley can't help but enthusiastically pump her fist in the air. In the original game, she'd also do this whenever Leon shot someone off of a ledge, so it's nice to see this endearing character quirk return.

Ashley also reacts to the world around her in other small ways. For instance, she'll shield her eyes when Leon points his flashlight at her. She'll also shake her head and even shiver after stepping in out of the rain. These minor reactions add up, making Ashley feel like much more of a well-rounded character.


Ashley's armor is hard on Leon's back

Yes, Ashley's pretty great in "Resident Evil 4." She really does her best to help Leon escape in this outing, even helping him to solve a few puzzles and open up areas he can't reach on his own. Still, that doesn't mean she still doesn't need help from time to time. One action that players will get used to pretty quickly is catching Ashley when she has to hop down from a great height. A button prompt will trigger a brief clip of Ashley jumping down into Leon's arms, after which he'll set her down without a problem — unless she's wearing armor. 


As in the original game, players can unlock an alternate costume for Ashley that sees the president's daughter donning an old school suit of armor. The armor greatly protects her from enemy attacks, but it also apparently makes her much harder to catch or carry. When Ashley hops down with the armor on, Leon will still set her feet on the floor, but he'll rub his lower back after doing do. Guess escorting a damsel in shining armor isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Leon's trigger discipline is commendable

Trigger discipline is hugely important when using firearms of any kind. The last thing a responsible gun owner wants to do is fire off an unintended shot, as that can cause severe self-harm or unintentionally hurt someone else. In the case of a survival horror scenario, it also means a loss of valuable resources. Bullets can be a precious commodity in the "Resident Evil" series, and a subtle detail in Leon's character animation shows that our intrepid hero definitely understands this point.


If you closely when Leon has his gun drawn outside of a combat scenario, his trigger finger can often be seen placed on the side of his firearm. This ensures that he's ready to fire at any second, but he's also making sure not to squeeze off any unnecessary bullets in the wrong direction. We love to see responsible action protagonists — and we're sure bystanders like Ashley and the Merchant appreciate it, too!

Leon can go full Wave Race in the last act

Leon likes to show off, there's no doubt about that. After all, if you put this guy in his alternate Mafia suit, he'll do a snazzy little twirl every time he reloads. But what some players may not know is that Leon's proclivity for performing tricks also extends to the intense escape sequence at the end of the game. Once the island begins to fall apart, Leon and Ashley must take their leave on a convenient jet ski. The last chunk of the game becomes a race for survival as Leon and Ashley ramp up over rock faces and avoid falling debris.


If you press the "interact" button on your controller or keyboard when Leon jumps the jet ski, he'll suddenly flip or spin the vehicle in mid air. Interestingly enough, these sudden flourishes don't seem to scare Ashley, who laughs in delight. Apparently, there's no bad time for Leon to show off his jet ski skills.