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Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Unlock Infinite Ammo (With Cat Ears)

Leon S. Kennedy is a character who contains multitudes. As the hero of multiple "Resident Evil" games, Leon has gone from being a rookie police officer to a soldier to a covert government agent, but he's never lost his sense of humor — or style. For years, players have enjoyed unlocking all kinds of alternate outfits for Leon, including Mafia-inspired suits to retro police uniforms. And somehow, every style seem to suit the intrepid protagonist. 

2023's "Resident Evil 4" remake is no different, offering a ton of unlockable cosmetics. These range from functional-but-cool gas masks to frilly shirts right out of Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles." But the most coveted cosmetic item in the game might be the Cat Ears, and for one very good reason: They give Leon infinite ammo for nearly every weapon in the game. 

The Cat Ears make their triumphant return from the "Resident Evil 2" remake, where they could only be unlocked by completing the "Ghost Survivors" DLC's "No Way Out" scenario without using more than 60 bullets. Taking out that many zombies with that few bullets is no easy feat, to the point where some fans feel it's a hopeless endeavor. Is unlocking the Cat Ears in "Resident Evil 4" any easier?

S+ Rank is required to get the Cat Ears

Unfortunately, "Resident Evil 4" also makes obtaining the Cat Ears quite a grueling experience. For one, players have to finish the campaign in Professional mode, the highest difficulty level. As if that weren't enough, this can't be done in a New Game Plus run, meaning Leon doesn't get to bring any of his high-powered endgame weapons with him. The run must be completed in under five and a half hours and with no more than 15 saves. These efforts will earn the player an S+ Rank for the run, 3000 CP (Challenge Points), and presumably bragging rights for all eternity.

From there, simply go to the Extra Content Shop, where the Cat Ears have now been made available. Purchase them for 2000 CP and equip them from the Extras menu. Not only does Leon look significantly more kawaii now, but he'll have unlimited ammo for everything but the rocket launcher!