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Breath Of The Wild Easy Guide: How To Tame The Royal White Stallion

In "Breath of the Wild," getting around can take a while. After all, Hyrule is massive, and Link only has so much stamina to spare. Sure, maybe you can master whistle running, but at the end of the day, your best bet for speed is a trusty steed. Each horse in "Breath of the Wild" has randomized stats depending on if they're the leader of their herd or have a wild temperament, but several mounts stand out amongst the other randomly generated steeds. The Giant Horse and the Lord of the Mountain both stand out as notable animals, but the White Horse has a richer history than any of the other special mounts. 


The White Horse, or the Royal White Stallion, might be a descendant of Princess Zelda's mount, which players can see in memories throughout the game. When Link finds the Royal White Stallion, it doesn't have any of the regalia its ancestor did 100 years ago, but it's just as magnificent, with a golden mane and unblemished white fur. Thankfully, "Breath of the Wild" doesn't make getting the beautiful horse too difficult.

Find Toffa and head to Safula Hill

At Outskirt Stable, players can find Toffa, an elderly man who tells Link about a story his grandfather used to share. Toffa's grandfather claimed that the royal family's white horse used to graze in a specific spot in Hyrule, and people generally enjoyed looking at this horse and feeling a connection to the royal family. The tale feels like an urban legend, something cool that people would say they saw to gain clout from others. Still, Toffa loved the story, and thinks it's interesting that people have once again begun talking about a white horse near the same spot. He asks Link to go to Safula Hill, find the horse, and bring it back to him. 


Head past the Manhala Bridge and follow the road once it veers north (or, alternatively, do some offroading directly north of the bridge). The white horse will be grazing peacefully in a green field. Unfortunately for Link, finding the white horse is the easy part.

Tame the White Horse and profit

Taming the horse isn't so easy. First, begin by sneaking up on it and jumping on its back, just like you would with any horse. Then, buckle up for a challenge. The white horse takes two complete stamina wheels to tame, meaning that Link might want to bring some stamina-enhancing foods along for the task. After successfully approaching the horse and mounting it, players will need to press the soothe button 25 times to tame the beast. After that, it's easy to ride the horse back to the stable and register it to Link.


After getting the horse signed up with the stable, players should make sure to speak to Toffa one more time. Not only will showing him the horse bring him joy, but it will compel him to gift Link with a Royal Saddle and Bridle, which only the white horse can wear. Even though the Royal White Stallion isn't going to break any world records, it's definitely beautiful to ride through the world.