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Octopath Traveler 2 Wandering Wood: How To Cross This Confusing Area

To complete Temenos' story in "Octopath Traveler 2," players need to cross the Wandering Wood, a dungeon located in Toto'Haha. However, they can't just roll into the area with their party and force their way through. After choosing a direction, the Inquisitor will realize that he's getting nowhere fast before musing that his "forebears" might have some useful insight to offer.


It turns out Temenos needs the aid of the Beastling Shirlutto (who will later feature in the "Shirlutto's Next Chapter" Side Story) to solve this puzzle. To recruit him to your cause, return to the Nameless Village and head to the right side of the settlement. You should spot a ladder in the bottom corner with a man standing next to it. Slide down and hit Shirlutto with a Guide Path Action. If you already have a companion in tow, they'll turn up again once Shirlutto has fulfilled his story requirements. From here, traversing the Wandering Wood gets pretty straightforward.

Follow Shirlutto to navigate the Wandering Wood

After returning to the Wandering Wood, Shirlutto will lead Temenos deeper into the area. Make use of the save point you encounter and then explore the map to pick up items like an Antique Ceremonial Mask. This is also one of the most reliable places to find Ancient Sentinel Cores. You need this rare material to complete the "Research Materials, Part 1" side quest and obtain the Scholar License, so grab any you can from the Remnant enemies roaming the trees.


Eventually, you'll encounter a large staircase that leads to a cave and spot Shirlutto waiting at the top. He offers some information about the cave ahead and a bit of backstory before leaving Temenos to his pursuit. Players can speak to him one more time to pick up a trio of Superior Jerky. Entering the cave takes the party to the next location they must clear to progress Temenos' story: Rifted Rock. Make sure you stock up on resources before heading inside, as this path leads to the final boss of the plot thread. While not one of the hardest bosses in "Octopath Traveler 2," it still helps to plan ahead.