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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Just Beat Mario For The Highest-Rated Game Ever On Opencritic

In less than 24 hours, "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" has become the highest-rated game on OpenCritic — and did anyone expect anything less? "Tears of the Kingdom" slipped ahead of another famous Nintendo icon to snag the top spot on OpenCritic, significantly beating "Super Mario Odyssey" to become the highest-rated game on the platform. Considering that even a fraction of a decimal can make the difference in ratings, OpenCritic noted that "Tears of the Kingdom" had a wide lead over all other games — almost an entire point higher.


In truth, Nintendo dominates the top three spots on OpenCritic's top-rated games list. After "Tears of the Kingdom," "Super Mario Odyssey" and "Breath of the Wild" round out the first three spots, with "Red Dead Redemption 2" following closely behind. It's no surprise that "Tears of the Kingdom" raced to the top of the charts, but its high ranking has some fans wondering if it could fall after the hype for the new game dies down. After all, it could be difficult to maintain such a high ranking as more reviews roll in. In fact, there's already one review that has some gamers worried — but should they feel concerned?

Bad reviews can't mar fans' excitement

Some players worried about a 6/10 review from Gfinity's Josh Brown, which provided detailed reasoning about why "Tears of the Kingdom" might not satisfy all "Zelda" fans.


While the review brings some legitimate concerns to light, fans worried that it might negatively impact the game's near-perfect rating, which even beats out the beloved "Elden Ring." However, whether the score falls or not, the critics mostly agree that "Tears of the Kingdom"  improves on the "Breath of the Wild" formula in every way. Even if some fans feel that the game has flaws, it's overall one of the best "Zelda" games ever made.

There are plenty of fans celebrating the success of "Tears of the Kingdom," too. Some fans argued that it's already a contender for Game of the Year, while others marveled that the follow-up to "Breath of the Wild" could make Hyrule feel new yet again.


For the most part, gamers are simply excited to dive into the massive world of "Tears of the Kingdom" as soon as possible. The giant world of Hyrule — which has "Elden Ring"-like proportions in the new title — awaits gamers as they head into the post-release honeymoon period. Sorry, Mario, but it's Link's time to shine.