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Can The Master Sword Break In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom?

Weapon durability continues to be one of the most divisive elements in the more recent "Legend of Zelda" games. "Tears of the Kingdom" offers some respite from constant weapon breakage, thanks to the addition of the Fuse ability. Players can simply fortify one of their weaker weapons by attaching it to a boulder or some other tough object, buying it a little more time. But what about the most powerful weapon in the series? Does the Master Sword eventually wear down?


Unfortunately for fans who were looking forward to slaying beasts with the divine weapon from the jump, there's a bit of a wait before the Master Sword is usable. In fact, one of the very first things that happens in the new "Zelda" game is the degradation of the Master Sword. At the very start of the game, Link's life force is largely drained by the resurrected Ganondorf, leaving him in a weakened state.

Link has to reforge the Master Sword before he can use it again — but does it stay that way? 

The Master Sword is still a powerful weapon

First, the great news: The Master Sword cannot break in "Tears of the Kingdom." Once the Master Sword has been repaired and recharged, its durability is actually comparable to "Breath of the Wild." Instead of wearing down, the Master Sword expends energy with repeated use. After a while, the Master Sword will dissipate and players will get a message saying, "The Master Sword has run out of energy."


If you haven't played "Breath of the Wild" and aren't familiar with this mechanic, don't panic when this happens! You're not going to need to reforge it all over again, and you don't have to reach for the nearest boulder to Fuse to the hilt. The Master Sword isn't gone forever, it just needs to recharge. After 10 minutes, the blade will essentially reconstitute itself and you can get back to swinging it at every enemy in Hyrule.