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Most Idiotic Ways To Die In Games

Death comes to us all when we game, presenting us with anger-inducing Game Over screens and the feeling of defeat. Sometimes, those deaths are well-earned and are the outcome of taking on a strong enemy or attempting to complete a maneuver that requires great skill. This list is about the types of deaths we suffer that are just plain dumb. These lost lives are due to stupidity or simply bad luck. Oh, and just make a note that some of these deaths are pretty gruesome and are NSFW.

Death by Cuccos - The Legend of Zelda series

We'll start off with a classic. If you've been gaming for a good while, then you're probably well aware of The Legend of Zelda series. If you're familiar with Link's adventures, then you're probably familiar with his many enemies. It turns out, however, that the humble chicken, known as the Cucco, is Link's greatest foe. Antagonizing one of them can bring down a fowl doom upon our intrepid hero. Don't poke the chickens. They will poke back—with a vengeance.

Getting run over - Grand Theft Auto V

There's a wide arsenal in Grand Theft Auto V for players to use, ranging from small firearms to the death-bringing Rhino Tank. With so many tools at one's disposal, you'd think that the dumbest way to die in this game would involve some kind of rocket launcher mishap or a grenade bouncing back, right? Nope. It turns out that all you need to suffer an idiotic death is to be on the street at the wrong place and time and a non-player character will happily perform a hit and run on you. The provided video doesn't have a death resulting from being run over, but it's still pretty silly nonetheless. This is why we look both ways before crossing the street to perforate a guy with an uzi.

Overcooking a grenade - Most first-person shooters

Anyone who has played a first-person shooter within the last few years should be familiar with the concept of "cooking" a grenade. This involves holding an unpinned grenade in your hand for a bit before chucking it at your enemy, with the hope that it explodes upon impact and not bounce around on the ground. Sometimes, players do this thing where they successfully cook a grenade, but then forget the whole "throw it at the enemy" part. Once you've overcooked a grenade, chances are that you will be well done.

Water slide of death - Tomb Raider

The 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider gave us a look at a young Lara Croft, who was just transitioning into the hardy survivor and adventurer we know today. She suffered many hardships and fought against lots of bad guys on Yamatai Island, but no amount of shimmying and shooting could save her from the treacherous terrain. Every now and then, there'd be a section of the game that had Lady Croft tumbling down a steep hill or being washed downstream by a river. If you weren't careful and failed to steer her towards safety, Lara would meet a grim end—via impalement.

Rocket jump fails - Team Fortress 2

The rocket jump is a skill employed by many advanced players in Team Fortress 2. The Soldier, as dimwitted as he is, can use his rocket launcher in a clever way and propel himself forward by firing at his feet and jumping. This technique takes a while to master, but eventually players get the hang of it. Some gamers fail to realize that the rocket jump can actually damage you and end up dying from the blast or jumping so high that their legs crumple from the fall. Other unfortunate players launch themselves off of cliffs and suffer humiliation, especially when the game announces that they've fallen to a clumsy death. That's pretty harsh.

Care Package fails - The Call of Duty series

Getting a small Killstreak and receiving a Care Package in return is a pretty good feeling in the Call of Duty series. This bit of incentive gives players more of a cause to play smart and stay alive to rack up higher Killstreaks. Sometimes, however, players roll a one and end up being killed by their own Care Packages, which drop out of the sky. There are few things more humiliating than killing yourself by simply getting bonked with your own Care Package. Even worse is that you get to see it happen on your KillCam.

Standing in fire - World of Warcraft

This one is a no-brainer, but many players have committed the unforgivable act of standing in fire until they die. In World of Warcraft's dungeons and raids, bosses usually cover the ground with fire, acid, or some kind of goop that reduces your health over time, usually at a rapid pace. A dungeon run could be going exceptionally well but then immediately turn into a huge mess because someone isn't paying attention to where they're standing. It could even happen in the wild by yourself sometimes. If it looks like it could kill you, it probably will, so do yourself a favor and not stand in it.

Romancing Morinth - Mass Effect 2

Everything in Mass Effect 2 could be going well (or as well as things can go when there's the threat of universal destruction), but one small choice could end the adventure immediately. Commander Shepard has the choice of romancing any of his crew mates, even the lovely and dangerous Morinth.

Why is she dangerous? She's an Ardat-Yakshi, which is kind of like an alien succubus. At one point, she admits to Shepard that she absorbs the life force from her lovers and leaves them dead, black widow-style. Shepard can pay her a visit and try to engage in a little space opera hanky panky, and immediately suffer a soul-sucking death. What ensues is a Mission Failed screen, because "death by Snu-Snu" is a thing.


Impatience - Sonic CD

"Patience is a virtue" is something that Sonic the Hedgehog never learned in Sonic CD. If you leave your controller alone and let Sonic idly stand for a little while, he'll get so fed up with waiting that he'll actually say, "I'm outta here!" in true '90s fashion and jump off the stage, leading to a Game Over screen. You'll then get some creepy Game Over music and wonder why he couldn't have just waited. As far as video game deaths go, this one feels like one of the most offbeat. Do yourself a favor and make sure you pause the game next time.

Quick time event failure - Resident Evil 5 and 6

We've finally reached the bane of many a player's existence: the quick time event. In Resident Evil 5 and 6 (and other. similar action titles), you're presented every so often with a QTE that tasks you with pressing specific buttons at just the right time. Failure to do so results in an immediate death.

Resident Evil 5 and 6 are so bogged down by these QTEs that it's nearly impossible not to see at least one or two brutal deaths starring your favorite zombie slayer. You'll be enjoying a cutscene one minute and then be totally unprepared for the QTE, leading to a Game Over and the trouble of having to watch a cutscene over again until you get to the part where you died. It is the worst. You better train up your reflexes, or you'll end up reliving your failures over and over again.