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The Best Streamers To Watch If You Love Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

"The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" is already a beloved title among critics and fans, thanks in large part to the game's malleability. Link's new powers allow players to build some truly wild creations and explore Hyrule in just about any order they desire. In much the same way that a sandbox title like "Minecraft" has become a go-to game for streamers, the open concepts of "Tears of the Kingdom" have made this game even more of a playground for streamers than "Breath of the Wild." Each content creator can truly make the game their own.


With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the streamers you should be checking out if you want to see some ingenious "Tears of the Kingdom" gameplay. Just be careful about spoilers, as many of these gamers have been playing the title since it first dropped on May 12.

KingGothalion is deep in the lore

KingGothalion made his triumphant return to Twitch in 2022, marking his first time on the platform after spending time over at Microsoft's ill-fated Mixer and then Facebook Gaming. It seems the timing couldn't have been better, because the latest "Zelda" sequel has clearly brought him and his returning Twitch viewers a great deal of joy. He's enjoying the game so much that even his shorter streams end up being eight hours or more. This is probably to be expected, as he was also a go-to streamer for "Breath of the Wild" content when that game was at the height of its popularity.


The streamer has put a ton of time into "Tears of the Kingdom" since it dropped, only taking occasional breaks to check in on the latest "Genshin Impact" updates. His full playthrough of the game has also been uploaded to YouTube, so it's easy to catch up if you've missed any of the action. KingGothalion also regularly shares his thoughts on new discoveries in "ToTK" on his Twitter account, though he has promised to steer clear of major spoilers — for now, anyway.

Ryukahr is facing dragons head-on

If you're looking for a streamer who delights in seeing what he can get away with in "Tears of the Kingdom," then you may have a blast watching Ryukahr — also known simply as Ryu — while he plays the new title. A huge fan of retro games and classic franchises, he's clearly got a lot of love for "The Legend of Zelda" already. His streams are full of fun experimentation and controlled chaos, with one of the earliest highlights being a stream in which he literally dive-bombed a dragon from overhead.


Ryu also encourages a good bit of feedback from his chat, often asking viewers to weigh in on his latest Ultrahand builds or to give him hints about where he should head next. This level of engagement during Ryu's playthroughs makes his one of the most fun and interactive channels tackling "Tears of the Kingdom."

Fans can also keep up with his "Zelda" shenanigans on social media, as Ryu frequently shares his favorite exploits and discoveries on his Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Jacksepticeye dives into Zelda for the first time

Though he doesn't do a ton of livestreaming, Jacksepticeye's "Let's Play"-type videos are always a source of entertainment for his millions of subscribers. Unsurprisingly, Jack was heavily into playing "Tears of the Kingdom" during the first few days of its release, though he has tapered off a bit since then. Regardless, Jacksepticeye's YouTube channel is a great source of high-energy gameplay and enthusiastic commentary, in part because it's the first time he's ever featured a "Zelda" title on his channel before!


While he's noted that the game's inventory system is a bit cumbersome — a criticism shared by some professional critics prior to the game's launch — Jack tends to enjoy finding which items can be fused together for maximum destruction. As such, he typically reads every item description aloud when he comes upon new crafting materials in the wild. And thanks to his Irish brogue, the fans in his chat log can't get enough of hearing him read each line of dialogue and describing every piece of equipment in detail.

It's unclear how much more time Jack will devote to playing Tears of the Kingdom on his channel, but commenters are outright begging him to continue. As one fan pointed out, there's just something extremely relaxing about "hangin with Jack while he plays an equally chill game."