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Zelda: Where Is King Dorephan In Tears Of The Kingdom & How Do You Get There?

As players progress through "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom," Link must chase down leads for the major story quest called "Regional Phenomena." He'll eventually find himself in Zora's Domain, the aquatic land that his BFF, Prince Sidon, calls home. Zora's Domain has fallen upon hard times, its many fountains and ornate structures covered in a mysterious sludge. 


As part of the "Clues in the Sky" side quest, Link will be asked to consult with King Dorephan, the wise ruler of the Zora people. Unfortunately for the hero of Hyrule, King Dorephan has gone missing after his own encounter with a sludge-spewing monster.

It can be difficult to know where to start with your search for King Dorephan, though, as the beloved monarch doesn't want to be found. Luckily for Link, there is one group who knows the general area where Dorephan can be found, but they're probably the last Zora you'd expect. The answer lies with a bunch of kids playing a game.

Spy on the Zora kids in the throne room

In the throne room at Zora's Domain, Link can find a group of young Zora splashing around and re-enacting the king and the prince's adventures. It's super cute, but they'll suddenly get a bit cagey and ask Link to scram before they discuss any particulars regarding King Dorephan. 


To learn Dorephan's location, Link has to crouch down and snoop around the back of the throne. As soon as Link is in position, he'll be prompted to press "A" to listen in on the kids' convo.The kids will talk about how King Dorephan is hiding in a "pristine sanctummy," which is located "somewhere between Ploymus Mountain and the Domain." 

From there, head to the northeast by fast-traveling to Ihen-a Shrine and gliding over to Lulu Lake. Equip the Zora armor so you can ascend the waterfall at the lake. Once you reach the top, you'll see a hole leading into King Dorephan's Pristine Sanctum. Unfurl Link's glider once more and drop to the ground to meet with King Dorephan at last!