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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - Who Is Queen Sonia?

In addition to continuing the story established in "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," "Tears of the Kingdom" reveals key details about the history of its take on Hyrule. The sequel splits into two timelines, following Zelda thousands of years into the past while Link deals with the present-day fallout of the events revealed through the princess' memories. Thanks to this duality, players discover more about the ancient tribe known as the Zonai and meet several key characters in the process.

Queen Sonia is one of these pivotal personas. The first queen of Hyrule, Sonia founded the kingdom alongside her husband, the Zonai Rauru. Much of the information available about the royal couple comes from the Dragon's Tears, however, the stone tablets found in the Ring Ruins of Kakariko Village shed further light on these important figures. Though Sonia met a tragic end, her influence had a lasting impact on her descendants and the world as a whole.

Queen Sonia's far-reaching legacy

Prior to her union with Rauru, Sonia worked as a priestess – possibly in the service of the Zonai, who the people of that time viewed as deities. Despite their initial difference in status, Sonia served as a source of wisdom for Rauru, who turned to her for advice. After they wed, Rauru gifted his wife with one of the Zonai Secret Stones, greatly enhancing her time magic.

Once they established Hyrule, the pair sought ways to make the land safer for its inhabitants. They constructed the Shrines of Light that Link later visits during "Tears of the Kingdom" to deal with the monsters that roamed the area. Unfortunately, Ganondorf, the leader of the Gerudo, threatened the prosperity they had created as part of an attempted coup.

The leaders used their powers to thwart Ganondorf's initial attack, but he later killed Queen Sonia and took her Secret Stone. These events led to the Imprisoning War, ultimately resulting in Rauru sealing Ganondorf below Hyrule Castle. Though not referenced directly in the game, it seems Sonia and Rauru must have had at least one child before their deaths, as "Tears of the Kingdom" makes it clear that Zelda is their direct descendant.