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Fortnite Glitches You Need To See

Fortnite has exploded in popularity in recent months, blowing all of the competition out of the water. Hardcore and casual gamers alike have been drawn to the battlefield to fight their friends in a battle royale. With the immense popularity Fortnite has seen, it's impressive how quickly the developers have been releasing new content and coming out with patches to fix old glitches and bugs.

However, even with the developers being very active in their pursuit to keep the game flowing, it's simply impossible to keep up with the juggernaut that is Fortnite. Rapid growth in popularity, content, and visibility can be both a blessing and a curse for developers, though no one can fault them for the glitches that have slipped through the cracks in this game. Here we have Fortnite glitches that are both hilarious, and oftentimes advantageous, to those who stumble upon them. But be warned, utilizing glitches to get ahead in Fortnite is a quick way to get yourself banned. Proceed with caution.

Sliding might not be an advantage, but it looks cool

While there are many glitches in Fortnite that can be manipulated to gain an advantage, there are also those that are totally useless. Of course, the useless glitches are the ones that won't get players banned from the game.

One of these useless but safe to encounter glitches is a sliding animation. It looks very similar to walking across an iced-over lake in Mario 64. A player can have their avatar slide across the grass, up ramps, and even over hills without ever moving their feet. Their character will stay in an idle position as they glide across the map in a somewhat eerie fashion.

While it isn't exactly clear what causes this glitch, it doesn't give the players who experience it much of a boost since it doesn't make them faster than anyone else. In fact, it can be seen as a bit of a disadvantage since it makes moving your character through narrow cliffs and ramps a bit difficult. Then again, maybe your opponents will be so distracted by the unusual glitch that you'll be able to catch them off guard.

A glitch becomes an asset when your auto glider doesn't deploy but you still land on the ground alive

There are many ways to start a Fortnite match. Some players wait until the last second to jump from the party bus so that by the time they reach the ground, half of the players are already dead. Then there are the more aggressive types who try to be the first one to the ground so they can claim all the loot that awaits. The latter have been trying to figure out how to get to the ground faster than their opponents. Well it turns out, there's a glitch that can make that happen.

Unlike some of the glitches in this list, it's unclear how and why this one occurs. There haven't been any definitive instructions on how to recreate it, though if those instructions ever do surface, it's likely the player will be banned. But even with little knowledge on what causes it, there are numerous reports of gliders not deploying. The best part is that they hit the ground running without taking any fall damage. This glitch is a dream come true for the more aggressive player, though good luck trying to recreate it yourself.

Hide under the ground and become unkillable (but very bannable)

One of the most well-known glitches that has been found in Fortnite is the ability for players to get underneath the map. This obviously provides a huge tactical advantage since these players can still shoot their opponents but are invisible and untouchable to everyone else in the battleground.

There are numerous ways to get underneath the map in Fortnite, though all of them will get you banned if you're caught using this glitch to win the match. The most common ways to achieve this subterranean status are to build three platforms in an incomplete square, turn your back on the structure, and attempt to build the fourth platform, forcing your character underground. There have also been documented cases of players using a shopping cart to drop below the surface.

As the developers keep patching this glitch, players keep finding new ways to get back below the surface. The appeal of utilizing this crack in the system is obvious, but winning a battle royale because you cheated isn't quite as sweet as dominating with your unmatched skill.

This broken limb glitch is like something out of "The Exorcist"

There are a lot of reasons you could consider Fortnite a survival horror game. The idea of being dropped into a battleground where you have to fight to the death like Katniss in The Hunger Games is a pretty terrifying prospect. The "kill or be killed" structure is more than enough to get many players' hearts pumping. But one of the unexpected ways Fortnite has been terrifying players is with a glitch that seems to break all of the character's limbs.

When playing Fortnite you generally have a pretty decent idea of what to expect. Seeing a broken, mangled horror crawling toward you is not one of the things people typically expect to face. There are many ways for this "broken limb" glitch to occur, though it seems to happen most often when players use a jetpack. The avatar will get its arms and legs bent into odd shapes and usually can't quite stand up straight, forcing it to crawl across the grass. Because this glitch doesn't actually do anything to help you win the battle, it's one of the safer ones to experiment with without fear of being banned. Of course, you never know when turning your avatar into something out of The Evil Within 2 might just scare all of your opponents to death.

Use a ramp like a launchpad in Retail Row

One of the advantages to having the high ground in Fortnite is the ability to see where your opponents are hiding, as well as where the good weapons are located. But usually, getting up above the competition requires a launch pad or building a noisy and conspicuous tower, making you an easy target. So how can you get a bird's eye view without putting giant cross-hairs on your back?

Many players have found an easy-to-replicate loophole to this problem. If you construct a ramp against the side of a cliff face, an odd glitch will launch you high into the air. Players seem to have found the most success in Retail Row, though there has been talk of it working in other areas as well. When an avatar is wedged between the newly constructed ramp and the flat face of the wall, the game will propel them up into the sky. The only problem is that your glider doesn't deploy, so you'll either need to find a safe place to land, or prepare to die. Many players have survived this glitch with minimal fall damage, but for the most part, it seems like a suicide mission.

You can shoot a gun while gliding

Fortnite players have the ability to construct platforms and ramps, making this battle royale game different than others in its genre. But with the exception of jumping from the party bus or using a launch pad, there isn't much in the way of airborne warfare in this game. Some players, though, have found ways to make it seem like they're a winged threat, even if that's not really the case.

When you spot a care package in Fortnite, make sure you're near a launch pad and are ready for some sailing. If a character glides through a care package while it's dropping, that character can then use their weapons while they glide. This particular glitch looks very impressive and would probably scare most of the earthbound players trying to escape your reign of terror. But unfortunately, most documented instances of this glitch have proven to be useless as an actual fighting mechanism. Your guns will shoot but not do any actual damage. Most of the time it will actually look like you've hit a character, as your enemies still give the animation of someone who has been shot, but their health doesn't decrease at all. At least you can always hope that the shock of seeing a flying gunman is enough to send your opponents running for their virtual lives.

Glide right above the ground so you're silent and harder to detect

Gliding appears to be a game mechanic that the developers of Fortnite can't seem to quite pin down. Since most of the glitches found in the game involve gliders or gliding in general, it seems the kinks are still being worked out where this particular animation is concerned. Even though most of them don't offer any assistance in winning a battle, there is one glitch that proves advantageous, no matter how ridiculous it may look.

Many different players have found that if a character is propelled upward by a launch pad, then quickly constructs a pyramid over their head, their avatar will assume a gliding position without falling. Instead of soaring through the air, the character will simply glide parallel to the ground with their arms and legs spread out. This is somewhat useful to players because, while a character is in this animation, they don't make any noise when they move. This makes it far easier to sneak up on opponents and kill them without ever being detected.

The trees are dancing

Fortnite isn't exactly known for being a hyper-realistic game. Like World of Warcraft, the animation style of this battle royale is a bit cartoony. While counterparts like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds go for a more realistic style, Fortnite embraces the kistch of a brighter and bubblier animation and world design.

Even then, players only suspend their disbelief for so long where this game is concerned. This is why, when gamer MD9 came across a tree that appeared to be swaying back and forth as if being viewed underwater, they decided to record it and share the oddity on YouTube.

Many different iterations of this glitch have been seen and reported by players, sometimes looking identical to MD9's video, and others looking a bit darker and more erratic. But no matter which version you run into in Fortnite, it's clear that this glitch is determined to mess with a player's mind. It offers no advantage or disadvantage to the player, but it can definitely look a bit spooky when you've been playing Fortnite for too long.

Getting stuck in the air can delay your death

We've already seen the glitch that allows a player to dive straight to the ground from the party bus without actually deploying a glider. But on the opposite end of that spectrum, there's also a glitch that forces the player to stay in the air. While this particular issue may seem obnoxious at first, it's clear to see that it can be a huge advantage.

Player IG posted a video, shown above, on their YouTube channel showing this glitch in action. No matter what they tried to do, they couldn't get their avatar to land on the ground. Instead, their character simply got stuck in a glob of other characters, suspended in mid air while still executing the gliding animation, as if they were falling. Even with this gliding animation though, they never get any closer to the ground. In some instances, this glitch can actually work in a player's favor, as it will allow them to stay above the action long enough to let a few players kill each other off, narrowing your pool of opponents.

Launch yourself into the air with a shopping cart

Of all the glitches found in Fortnite, this one seems to be the most random and difficult to recreate. This is mostly due to the fact that getting your character stuck in a gliding animation while holding a shopping cart is a weirdly specific set of requirements to execute this glitch. Spend too much time on this and you're likely to be dead before you can even utilize it.

Some players have found that if you manage to get your character stuck in a gliding animation while holding onto a shopping cart, you have the potential to go flying. While stuck in this position, players will randomly be launched high into the air with the shopping cart, giving them a nice view of the entire battlefield. The problem is that as quickly as they were shot into the air, they're back on the ground again. Luckily, the players don't take any fall damage from this particular glitch, though it does leave a lot of questions for the developers.