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The Craziest Roller Coasters In Minecraft

The meteoric success of the Minecraft franchise is in large part due to the platform it provides for creativity. Much like LEGO blocks in the real world, Minecraft gives people the opportunity to build impossible structures, create worlds, and share their creativity with others in the gaming community. Building and sharing worlds has long been one of the community's favorite aspects of the game, and the more people share what they've built, the more other creators seem to up their game to create something truly amazing. The element of creativity is contagious in the Minecraft community.

While LEGOs are the classic building toy, there are just some things that are better left for the virtual world. Ever since PlanetMinecraft's roller coaster contest introduced the concept of extravagant coasters to the Minecraft world, gamers have been showcasing their ability, patience, and dedication through their amazing works. Some coasters include storylines while others contain optical illusions and track changes that will disorient even the most seasoned Minecraft player. Of the hundreds of amazing Minecraft roller coasters, here are some of the best.

A roller coaster set in space is full of stars

It may seem like creating something beautiful would be difficult when working with such limited graphic potential. The total lack of rounded edges in Minecraft means that only so much can be done where artistry is concerned. But this doesn't stop Bigboom_tag from creating a celestial masterpiece with their coaster set in space.

This ride contains some of the things you'd expect to see from a space-themed roller coaster: aliens, spaceships, planets that your minecart can drive through, but it also delivers just a bit more. The sheer number of stars in the sky around the coaster prove to be an impressive sight as you go through this scene. In the distance, an explosion frozen in time can be seen. And the blackness surrounding the hundreds of stars only adds to the feeling of otherworldly isolation. The optical illusion of encasing the entire map in blackness works to make this area feel huge and endless, and even though the ride itself is relatively short compared to the rest on this list, it makes great use of its time. The visuals are well utilized and the map is gorgeous.

A story to go along with an epic ride

An exciting and unique roller coaster is all most Minecraft players expect when downloading a new custom map, but player Hobo Joe took it one step further, integrating a story into his roller coaster, When Pigs Fly.

Players start off entering a testing facility that feels like something akin to Aperture Science from Portal. A lone pig stands at the front of the orientation room, offering some vague idea of what you're doing there. As the instructor puts it, the pigs have become disgruntled with everyone thinking they can't fly, and so these pigs are determined to prove everyone wrong.

Entering the minecart, players are launched through various tests that include turns, speed tests, and starting and stopping trials. At one point, it seems the conductor loses control of the cart as you accidentally enter part of the old testing facility. After that point, things seem to be generally pretty normal as the player is thanked for participating. But the momentary jump from the expected path makes players think maybe something more sinister is going on in the backstory of this map.

This Beetlejuice rollercoaster is a physics-defying optical illusion

Taking a well-known movie or TV series like Beetlejuice can be a massive undertaking, especially when translating it into a completely different medium. But even with the intimidation of getting everything right in this coaster, Nuropsych1 created one of the most impressive Minecraft roller coasters to date.

Not only can the classic black and white Tim Burton stripes be found throughout the ride, but each of the characters have been lovingly recreated in 8-bit fashion with the signature colorful blocks of Minecraft. Add to that a plethora of optical illusions that make your brain hurt for a moment, and you have a roller coaster you can ride over and over again without ever seeing everything there is to see in this extravagant adventure.

Nuropsych1 has many impressive roller coasters on their YouTube channel and it seems that they just keep adding to their portfolio, with each ride getting bigger and better through every endeavor.

The coaster that brings you to hell

As with Hobo Joe's roller coaster When Pigs Fly, MNPCrew's Ruin of the Gods has a bit of a storyline to follow. Upon arriving in the custom map, players can locate a book that tells of Steve and his endeavors to find new and exciting roller coasters. From there, players are instructed to follow a trail of watermelons to the beginning of the coaster.

Ominous text appears to inform the player that the gods are watching them, before launching the ride. On this scenic island coaster, players can find numerous representations of some of the ancient gods, including Hades, Poseidon, and Atlas. The ride itself lasts well over six minutes, taking players through gorgeous pixelated scenery both above ground and below. MNPCrew even built a huge representation of Atlas holding the sky on his back out in the ocean.

One of the most unique and unexpected parts of this coaster, however, is the climb to a high platform that seems to stretch endlessly up toward the sky. The cart then stops and players get a brief glimpse of a sign that reads "see you in hell" from Hades himself. Once the sign is seen, your minecart, along with its precious cargo, are dropped down to what seems to be the bottom of the map, into hell. It's one ride that won't soon be forgotten.

The roller coaster that rehashes Five Nights at Freddy's

As seen in the Beetlejuice roller coaster, pop culture is a frequent source of inspiration. One builder in particular, Rugged Survivor, created an entire roller coaster dedicated to rehashing the main plot points of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's franchise in about five minutes, at Freddy's.

The coaster starts off on a physical timeline where the FNAF chain of events are highlighted, though they go by fast, so any gamers unfamiliar with the franchise may be a bit lost. Once the timeline has been established, the ride takes players through various settings from the game itself. Starting with the exterior of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, players are soon moved to the night guard's office and to newspaper headlines and growth data charts showing the pizzeria's rise to success.

The real terror begins once the characters of the franchise are introduced in a huge and menacing scale, making the player feel like they've been shrunken down to the size of a thimble. The attention to detail and utilization of less-obvious plot points to tell this story without words is what sets this coaster apart as unique and brilliant.

The elaborate Golden Coaster

When talking about impressive Minecraft roller coasters, one of the early iterations of an over-the-top experience is The Golden Coaster, created back in 2012 by builder Crespochimp. The ride itself is relatively short compared to the newer coasters on this list, clocking in at about five minutes total, but even being shorter and built years before its counterparts, it still stands the test of time.

The Golden Coaster has been downloaded over 80,000 times since its creation in 2012, and going through it, it's easy to see why. More closely resembling a real-life roller coaster than the rest on this list, it gives the player the classic feel of being at an amusement park. The tall climbs and steep drop offs combined with underground and underwater portions give this creation the tools it needs to remain relevant in a world of ever more elaborate Minecraft structures. This is a download that will be around for years to come.

This topsy turvy roller coaster takes you through unique scenery

While many of the roller coasters on this list have contained storylines, optical illusions, and back-and-forth track switching, none of them are quite as elaborate as the Ultimate Roller Coaster by CaptainSparklez. This particular build has a few things going for it to set it apart from other coasters on its level.

The map CaptainSparklez used for this mod is an expansive amusement park map created by Gaermine that, in and of itself, is pretty spectacular. But on top of that, CaptainSparklez doesn't use the traditional materials and minecarts that are normally seen in these types of projects. Instead, he used a roller coaster mod created by Tera_motty that allows for more realistic-looking tracks and roller coaster carts that can do things minecarts can't do. This enabled CaptainSparklez to include loops and semi-transparent tracks in his build, giving it an extra edge over the competition. The fact that CaptainSparklez was able to collaborate with other Minecraft builders helped to make his creation that much better. All combined, it makes for an extraordinary experience that will leave players dizzy and amazed.

The Madness Medley Coaster has different paths and an unsettling vibe

The Madness Medley Coaster created by MCPM presents players with an odd and unsettling landscape, full of macabre characters. Starting off on this ride, things seem simple enough. There are numerous impressive recreations of various creatures such as a wither, an ender dragon, and more, but the real fun starts when a player's minecart is dropped into an underground cave right next to a villager in an identical cart. The villager whispers to the player a countdown, hinting that you have been unwittingly pulled into a race you have no control over. Unfortunately for you, the villager wins.

The scenery and odd builds are what really make this coaster a unique experience. Smattered throughout the map, players can spot a volcano with eyes, a few creepy children, a meteor headed straight for the island, a giant ice cream sundae, a hot air balloon, and many more structures that seem to be completely unrelated to each other. The randomness in this map is enough to put most players on edge. There are four different paths one can take on this coaster and each one seems to be chosen at random, taking players to varying spooky locations.

With the time and energy that had to go into creating such an unsettling and random coaster, the opportunity to ride it is not one players will want to miss out on.

Minecraft of Malice brings you through a dark Wonderland

Nuropsych1 has made this list yet again for another incredible and creative creation. In their roller coaster Minecraft of Malice, players are transported to a dark and twisted version of Wonderland. Malice, a more ominous and macabre version of the traditional Alice from Alice in Wonderland, brings the story to a distorted version of a place that was already difficult to understand on the best of days.

Players have the opportunity to see longtime fan favorites like the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, and the Mad Hatter. The coaster itself goes through burning nightmare-scapes, eerie haunted forests, and rooms that make the player feel as if they've been shrunken down after eating part of a mushroom with some very odd powers. The entire atmosphere is something perfect for a Halloween playthrough.

And it's actually the second half of another project. On top of creating the roller coaster Minecraft of Malice, Nuropsych1 also created a haunted house attraction that players can traverse through if they're feeling particularly brave. Overall, the artistry Nuropsych1 puts into their creations leaves players in awe of their skill.

Isle of Naberius is an elaborate ride through a demon-filled island

Many Minecraft players are familiar with the Isle of Naberius. Not only did the structure win third place in the PlanetMinecraft roller coaster contest, but it has been the topic of many MInecraft YouTube playthroughs. This coaster, created by TeamPwnCraft, is built on a map so full of tiny details, it almost feels like players are traversing a real place that has been recently pixelated.

In the beginning of this adventure, players are dropped into the Island of Naberius from a ship located high in the air. The island is home to the demon Naberius, and unfortunately for any unsuspecting victims, he rules over it, too. Throughout the duration of the roller coaster, players are given tidbits of story and the opportunity to enjoy a ride that actually feels like it's made them part of the narrative, even allowing them to decide which path they'd like to take. Between the intricately sculpted structures, the exhilarating ride, and the deeper backstory, this coaster is one of the most artistically crafted on the list.