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Fortnite: Battle Royale's New Mode Is All About Dancing

Epic Games dropped a patch for Fortnite today that added a few new weapons, tweaked the drop rates on some existing in-game items, and addressed a whole bunch of performance issues. But all of those changes pale in comparison to the brand new mode added in Update 6.02 — because it finally gives you a legitimate reason to use all of those emotes you've been collecting.


The new game mode is called Disco Domination, and it's more or less a game of "capture the objective," with two teams squaring off. Rather than capture a base or a rally point, though, you and your team will have to secure ... a dance floor. And the way to capture that dance floor is probably the best part of all. You can't just stand on it — after all, dance floors are for dancing. You have to dance.

Five dance floors will be placed on the map when you first drop down onto the battlefield. When you reach one of those dance floors, you'll need to stand on it and use an emote in order to start capturing it. More players on the dance floor will help you capture it more quickly, though opposing players can hinder your progress by crashing your dance party. After you've captured a dance floor, it will start to fill a "dance bar" on screen, and the team that fills the dance bar first wins the match.


There are a few other notable tweaks to Fortnite's gameplay in Disco Domination. Eliminated players can respawn "until the third (last) storm circle," according to Epic, and gliders can redeploy as they did during the Soaring '50s mode.

Aside from the addition of Disco Domination, Fortnite is getting two new weapons: the Quad Launcher, which enables players to fire a quick volley of four rockets in Battle Royale; and the Noble Launcher, a weapon for Save the World that "fires a wave of piercing energy." And various adjustments were made to in-world drop rates for Pistols, Sniper Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and Guided Missiles.

Epic also noted that a fix was released on the Xbox One platform, where players had previously been experiencing longer-than-usual load times.