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The Scariest Skins In Fortnite

With Halloween just around the corner, kids and adults around the United States are making plans to dress up as their favorite video game characters, film and TV stars, and meme topics. And whether you're out trick-or-treating for candy yourself or handing it out to those who knock at the door, you're bound to see a healthy amount of Fortnite costumes worn by fans of the game. Which shouldn't come as a surprise — it's one of the biggest games in the world, after all.


But ask yourself this question: when you're done with your Halloween activities and you sit down to play some Fortnite, what will your costume choice be there?

Below, we've picked out ten of the scariest skins from the game. You can snatch them up and choose to wear them yourself. Or you can cross paths when an enemy who's wearing one. But there's no denying the fright factor of the skins we've chosen to highlight.

Keep reading below to learn about these scary skins and why, in the right hands, they can be a source of bad dreams for years to come.

Hay Man and Straw Ops

A human in a costume is one thing. Even a zombie's existence makes a little bit of sense — it's an entity that was alive, then dead, and then alive again. There's at least a track record for breathing the air of the living at some point. But things that have no business being alive walking around? That is where the line must be drawn.


And that is where we, indeed, draw the line with Hay Man.

Hay Man has a companion female skin called Straw Ops. Together, they're a terrifying duo. But in terms of which one is scarier, we're giving Hay Man the nod due to the fact that he's both a living, breathing scarecrow and he looks like that weird skin-stealing demon from the Jeepers Creepers movies. And just looking at him makes us want to avoid ever driving down lonely stretches of highway ever again.

If you catch a glimpse of Hay Man in your sights, you can certainly try to run. But it probably won't be any use. He'll be wearing your body parts before you know it.


There's no fear like the fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to matters of life and death. It's easy enough to be deathly afraid of the deranged-looking guy wielding a meat cleaver. He means harm, but at least he looks the part. But there are those in-the-middle cases that are sometimes more unsettling.


And that's where Archetype falls in.

From the back, Archetype appears to be pretty normal. It's when he turns around that you get the whole story. Archetype is actually some sort of cybernetic killing machine, built specifically to seek and destroy. And he likely won't stop until you're crawling around on the ground below him, desperately searching for help that just won't come.

The moral of the story is this: don't trust anything with a robot face and green lights for eyes. If Archetype comes into your portion of the Fortnite: Battle Royale map, you should try to be literally anywhere else.

Cloaked Star

Fans of Overwatch might notice a similarity between this next character and Reaper. Yes, that Reaper who can warp all over the map and suddenly be right next to you in the blink of an eye. That Reaper who is gunning you down before you have a chance to scream, "OH GOD NO, REAPER." That Reaper who, as his name implies, brings death.


It must be the hood — a trait both Cloaked Star and Reaper share. It almost looks like one an executioner would wear, and for good reason: both characters exist to bring about judgment.

Don't let Cloaked Star's skinny stature fool you. He is to be feared. He doesn't have to be large to get the job done. In fact, his thin shape should scare you even more. Because it means that, when he delivers death, it comes quick and without a struggle.

But you can avoid your fate, hopefully! Just don't be close enough to see those glowing yellow eyes. Because if you see them and they see you — it's over.


We could go on for days about how horrible clowns are. And not just the ones that are designed to be scary, like Pennywise in It. All clowns are to be avoided. From Ronald McDonald to the Insane Clown Posse to the guy who makes balloon animals at birthday parties. They may not have killed yet. But where's the proof that they're not just waiting for the perfect moment to strike? Where is the proof?


Fortunately, you won't need any for Peekaboo in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

The fact that you'll almost always run into Peekaboo while she's carrying a gun gives her game away. But if that doesn't convince you, take a good look at her. She has some serious Harley Quinn vibes going on. And that big clown mask with the spiral eyes and sharp-toothed smile? That is not the kind of thing you break out before all the kids jump into the bounce castle. That's more a Purge costume.

Peekaboo is a murderer. And one of the last things you want to see coming your way during a Fortnite match.


Ravens are fairly spooky creatures. If you look back through the folklore and mythologies of various civilizations, the raven is almost never a good thing, and is predominately associated with darkness. Heck, in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, you square off against a sort of human-raven hybrid that tricks you with visions and wants nothing more than to peck your dead body apart.


So yes, ravens are bad. And you can understand why, given the examples above, a skin called Raven would be quite creepy.

The Raven skin packs into it everything you'd associate with the horror story version of the avian terror: the pointy feathers, the sharp claws. But Raven goes an extra step further by including a set of glowing purple eyes. On a scale from one to dread, dread is definitely what you should be feeling should you lay your own, not-purple eyes on Raven. There's absolutely nothing inviting to be seen here. Just the inevitable end you'll meet should you and Raven cross paths.

Wild Card

Have you ever seen a James Bond movie where Bond is captured and interrogated by his enemies? The head honcho in charge usually tries to pry some information out of 007. Bond retorts with some kind of witty one-liner. And then the boss decides to take things to the next level. In walks a man in a suit holding a briefcase. He sits down, opens the briefcase, and pulls out a tool. He then calmly tells Bond what kind of torture that tool is good at.


That's exactly the kind of guy Wild Card looks like.

If Fortnite: Battle Royale could be played without guns, Wild Card probably wouldn't use one. He'd just let other people do the dirty work, and then visit you once you're in a locked room, tied to a chair. But that doesn't mean you should take Wild Card any less seriously. He's probably very capable with a gun. And once he knocks you down on the battlefield, you're in a very bad place. Because it's probably not going to end quickly. Nooooo. Wild Card will draw it out for as long as possible. There's a record he's hoping to break.

Rabbit Raider

Bunny rabbits are adorable. There's just no way around it. The way they hop around without a care in the world, and the way they nibble on whatever snacks you put in front of them — it's hard not to have your heart stolen. You'd have to try really hard to turn a bunny into something that people fear.


But we'll be damned if Epic Games didn't do it with Rabbit Raider.

There's one defining characteristic that transforms this skin from an innocent-looking bunny costume into nightmare fuel: it's the Jason-esque hockey mask. That one small detail changes, and all of the sudden, you can imagine that bunny trading in its Easter basket for a giant knife. Fortunately, that weaponry doesn't exist in Fortnite. But guns do. And a Rabbit Raider with a gun might actually be worse than one with a piece of sharp kitchenware.

If you spot a Rabbit Raider, don't lock yourself in a closet. Don't run up the stairs. Don't run into a forest you can get lost in. Because the Rabbit Raider will find you. And once he does, it's lights out.


Battle Hound

Be warned: this is not your domesticated home pet. It's not Lassie, the loyal collie that'll help you save Timmy from the well. Nor is it Clifford, the red, over-sized canine that could stomp on a house but would never think of doing harm to anyone.


The Battle Hound is built for war. It was forged on the blood-covered fields of the Celtic regions. The scariest part of the Battle Hound skin has to be the dog mask. This looks nothing like any kind of dog you've seen before (at least, we sure hope not). It has spiked, scaled-looking skin. Its mouth is posed in a permanent growl. And those glowing green eyes? They almost tease that something supernatural is at work — as if dark, mythological forces have been trapped inside. All of that is bad enough without having to worry about guns. And the Battle Hound can use those, too.

You won't lose this Hound's trail by crossing Loot Lake. If he finds you, it's best you have some friends nearby for the battle.


Love Ranger

You either feel one of two ways about lifelike statues and sculptures: they're not a big deal, or they chill you to the core. And those in the latter camp know what we're talking about when we refer to that chill. If you're in a graveyard or a landmark location with creepy-looking statues, you may feel uncomfortable turning your back to them. You're constantly looking out of the corner of your eye at them. And you can't help but ask yourself sometimes — did that move?


If you don't like those statues and sculptures, you'll hate Love Ranger.

Love Ranger is intended to be a stone-chiseled Cupid. But he is not a positive entity in any sense of the phrase. He's a living, walking statue brought to life, staring straight into your soul with possessed white eyes and an emotionless expression. He reminds us quite a bit of the Weeping Angels from the Doctor Who series, and if you're smart, you'll treat the Love Ranger just as you would the Weeping Angels when you do battle.

Don't blink.


Nutcracker soldiers have always been a little weird. To start, why do they have to be soldiers? What's wrong with a good old-fashioned handheld nutcracker? And why do they have to crack the nuts with their mouths?


We may never get answers to those questions, but we do know this: Fortnite's Crackshot skin is not just weirder than the nutcrackers your family pulls out of storage during the holidays. It's scarier.

A nutcracker soldier on an actual battlefield takes on a whole new context. Look at those eyes! They're full of pure rage, as though they're out for vengeance after hundreds of years of cracking nuts. And that mouth is straight-up ready to bite through whatever gets in its way. Simply put: this is not a nutcracker on a pursuit for peace. The days of cracking open walnuts are over; this soldier is out to crack skulls.

If you see a Crackshot on the march, there's one smart move that can keep your head — and the rest of your body — intact. And that is to retreat.