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The Funniest Skins In Fortnite

Fortnite is nothing if not a brilliant look into how a free-to-play video game can make an absolute killing with microtransactions.

From its emotes to its gliders to its bling, Fortnite has managed to create several categories of cosmetic gear that players are absolutely crazy for. Nothing that can be purchased changes the gameplay mechanics, but it doesn't seem to matter. Players use these items to express themselves — to stand apart from the crowd. So it should come as no surprise, then, that Fortnite skins are mega-popular, too.


We've searched far and wide across Fortnite's extensive database of skins to find some of the funniest. They're the kind that you'd undoubtedly see in game, chuckle at, and instantly want for your own — whether you're becoming an unapologetic hippie or dressing as a deranged-looking gingerbread man. And we've tried to let you know whether these skins are random store items or if they're tied to events — just so you have an idea about when you can nab them next.

Ready? Okay. Let's look at the funniest skins in Fortnite.

Codename ELF

If you're a Santa Claus believer, then you probably believe in elves, too. The elves build toys. They're pretty great builders. And as it happens, Fortnite requires you to be pretty good at building in order to survive.


Now you know why you just can't lose wearing the Codename ELF skin.

This outfit is a pretty rare one. It only showed up for three days in early 2018, and there's no telling when it'll go on sale again. Not a lot of players have this skin, which makes it all the more hilarious to come across in the wild. But if you're lucky enough to score the Codename ELF skin, you should absolutely grab it. Running around a downed opponent with that silly green cap and buckled shoes? It's a sight to behold — and it has to be incredibly frustrating for those on the other side.

And really, if you aren't trolling your Fortnite enemies, you're doing it wrong.

Skull Trooper

We can't imagine that the Skull Trooper is meant to be a funny-looking skin. It features a face painted like a skeleton, along with an outfit that mimics the look of a skeleton body. Someone wearing a Halloween costume similar to the Skull Trooper would likely terrify a young child.


But once you've seen the "Haunted Elevator" skit from Saturday Night Live, you'll never look at the Skull Trooper the same.

We won't ruin the entire skit for you. But needless to say, it's pretty funny. And some Skull Trooper-esque backup dancers show up in a very unexpected way. You may not have wanted the Skull Trooper skin prior to watching "Haunted Elevator," but there's a pretty good chance that it'll go on your must-have list after you watch it.

This item is usually featured in the Fortnite store around Halloween. So if you're interested in picking it up, be sure to have your V-Bucks ready.

Aerobic Assassin

The Aerobic Assassin skin is one that you can just look at and instantly find the humor in. It is perfectly '80s in its design, from the pink shirt with the off-shoulder sleeve to the neon teal workout tights. Any character sporting this gear would look way more at home in the Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship than inside Fortnite.


But you can find this gem of a skin inside Epic's shooter. And we couldn't be more thrilled.

As of press time, this skin has only shown up on two different days — both in August 2018. It's not tied to any kind of event, so theoretically, you could come across the Aerobic Assassin skin on any random day. Keep an eye out in the Fortnite store if this jazzy workout set speaks to you and your need to get your reps in while shooting down enemies. And don't you dare use this skin without an equally cheesy emote.

Mullet Marauder

The ladies get the Aerobic Assassin skin. And the guys? They get a skin that is somehow even more ridiculous in its '80s flair. It's called the Mullet Marauder, and along with the obligatory headband, it also includes an over-the-top teal jumpsuit and futuristic shades. And of course, the mullet.


The mullet makes the skin. It lets everyone know that you're all about killing in the front but partying in the back.

The Mullet Marauder first appeared alongside the Aerobic Assassin skin in August 2018. And like that other skin, it hasn't been seen since. There exists the possibility that it could show up randomly at some point in the future, so if you're dead set on picking it up, plug in your keytar and get down while you wait.

Oh, and that boombox? It's a separate piece of back bling, unfortunately. If you want some sweet '80s tunes to accompany you on your battle royale journey, you'll have to provide them yourself.

Beef Boss

You've likely had a bad job or two in your life. Perhaps you've had to work retail on Black Friday, or had to operate an amusement park ride full of screaming kids in the heat of summer. But there's no job more humiliating than dressing up as a mascot character.


Especially if that mascot character is food. And especially if that mascot character is a man with a cheeseburger for a head.

The Beef Boss skin is your summer job nightmare come to life — but goodness, is it hilarious to use in Fortnite. There's nothing like gunning down a dude in a ninja suit, only to pop up from behind cover with those googly eyes and over-sized tongue. Beef Boss first appeared in August 2018 and made another appearance almost a month later in September. It seems to be a pretty popular skin, so the odds of you seeing it in the Fortnite store again are pretty good. Just be sure to have some V-Bucks on standby when it returns.


Depending on how old you are, the '60s and '70s might have been the prime of your life, or a period that occurred before you were even born. Which camp you fall in, however, doesn't matter. You're likely familiar with the stereotypes of the era, and we can happily report that the Dreamflower skin inside Fortnite does them all justice.


Except for the whole "peace" part. That line of thinking probably won't serve you well in a winner-takes-all game.

Otherwise, the Dreamflower is everything you know and love about the time of hippies distilled into one awesome ensemble. The flared jeans. The floral-patterned shirt. The round-frame sunglasses. And of course, the headband with a flower poking out of the side. The only thing missing is the ability to turn the Battle Bus into one of the Volkswagen variety, and perhaps, a little Janis Joplin in the soundtrack.

Far Out Man

The humor from this hippie gem comes from all sorts of directions. Like the Dreamflower skin above, Far Out Man adorns your character with all of the peace and love you can handle. Tie-dye is dominant in the design of your shirt. Flowers are strategically placed around your character's body.


And the name. Far Out, Man. If the Epic team member who coined the label for this skin doesn't get a raise, it's a travesty.

Just as the Dreamflower above it, Far Out Man debuted in the Fortnite shop in early September. It had a nice two-day run in the store before it disappeared, never to be seen again. Fortunately, Far Out Man isn't an event-specific skin, so there's always a chance you could see it come back to the store sometime down the line. You'll just need some luck on your side — along with some spare V-Bucks for the purchase.

Bunny Brawler

You could be one-hundred-percent forgiven for not understanding the Bunny Brawler skin. Is it intended to be Easter-themed? Or is it just an adorable skin that looks like the kind of pajamas you'd put on a small child? When you look at it through the latter lens, this skin is fantastically funny, because, come on. It includes little bunny rabbit slippers.


On top of that, it seems that any Fortnite player worth his or her salt is jumping around like a bunny trying to avoid getting shot. Why not keep jumping around but do it in a bunny skin?

The Bunny Brawler skin was, in fact, launched as an Easter-specific goody back in April 2018. It showed up for a two day run at the start of April and actually made one last encore appearance toward the end of that same month. And then it went away for a while. Finally, it reappeared for one day in August, which is great news — that means you might not have to wait until next Easter to get your hands on it.

Ginger Gunner

This next skin is funny to look at, but could very well end up in your nightmares if you stare too long. It's sweet but deadly. And whoever wears it will certainly put you on the turf before you get anywhere near snapping an arm off to eat.


It's the Ginger Gunner skin. And wow, does it have a smile that is good for a laugh — that is, until you see it charging at you.

In case it wasn't already obvious, the Ginger Gunner is a take on the popular gingerbread man cookies that are baked up by families during the Christmas holiday season. It might not come as a surprise, then, that this skin first launched in the Fortnite shop in the winter months. It first appeared toward the end of January 2018, enjoying an impressive four-day run in the store before being replaced by other skins. Keep your eyes peeled for its proud return as winter approaches again.

Sgt. Green Clover

How would you like to offend an entire country full of people today? It may depend on how cold-hearted you are. Perhaps simply winning a Fortnite match isn't enough. Perhaps you'd like to help perpetuate unfounded and untrue stereotypes about some people who can't actually help you find pots of gold, don't go crazy wearing green in the middle of March, and could not care less about Shamrock Shakes.


If you really want to take it to an Irish person inside the game of Fortnite, there may be no more insulting way to do it than wearing this — the Sgt. Green Clover skin.

That's right — for only a handful of V-Bucks, you can be one heel-click and a "Hallo, laddies!" away from turning your Fortnite character into a full-on killer leprechaun. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a while until you get the chance. This particular skin seems tied to dates surrounding the St. Patrick's Day holiday.

See you next March!