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Destiny 2's Latest Patch Fixes Exotic Drops

There's nothing more frustrating in a loot-based game than getting the same loot you already have, over and over. The latest patch for Destiny 2 fixes that very problem, and it's available to download now.


Called Destiny 2 Update 2.0.5 — or, "The one about duplicates" — the latest patch for Destiny 2 makes it more likely that an exotic engram will decrypt into a weapon or piece of armor that's not already in your collection. Destiny 2 players have struggled to obtain new exotics since the game's Forsaken expansion launched back in September. While duplicates aren't entirely out of the equation, the fix at least ensures that the game's RNG weights new items above those you already have. And that's good news, because some of the new exotics are really, really good.

Some other notable changes have arrived in the new update, as well. Two of Forsaken's new exotic weapons, Malfeasance and Wish-Ender, both got damage buffs. Sleeper Simulant, a problem for almost anyone who's stepped into Destiny 2's Gambit mode, now picks up less heavy ammo from wall crates. And the Breakthrough Crucible mode — which many players weren't fans of — is making a return in the update. Bungie has tweaked the mode in a few ways that will hopefully make matches less boring.


Oh, and Masterwork Cores aren't a thing anymore. They're now called Enhancement Cores, and you should find more ways to obtain them in-game, whether from Scrapper bounties or Spider bounties.

These are just some of the changes you'll find in Bungie's long list for Update 2.0.5. According to Bungie's support account on Twitter, anyone who happened to be playing Destiny 2 at the time the patch became available should have been kicked out to install it. And those who are unable to see the update should reboot their console and check for it afterward.