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The Creator Of Undertale Released A Free Game Today

Looking for a new game to play this Halloween? Were you a fan of Undertale, the widely loved indie RPG released in 2015? If both of those are true, you may want to download the newest title from Undertale creator Toby Fox. It's called Deltarune, and it's free to install right now.


Fox posted a link to the game today following a cryptic string of messages from the Undertale Twitter account. Upon visiting the Deltarune website, you'll find that the mystery grows even more. A series of warnings come ahead of the actual download link, advising players that "There may be moving or flashing imagery," and "You may have to override security protocols to use the program."

And a final message seems to ask players to keep from spoiling the experience for others, stating, "For public safety, you are advised to refrain from discussion of the program for 24 hours."

There are two things to note before you go ahead and download Deltarune yourself. To start, you may encounter a pop-up from Windows Defender when you try to install the game. Fox provided some instructions on how to get around this on Twitter, but basically, all you have to do is click "More info" and then "Run anyway." This must be what the Deltarune site meant about having to "override security protocols."


And there seems to be an issue with the Deltarune uninstaller, as well. Fox discovered that those trying to uninstall Deltarune were deleting everything in the folder the game was installed to. So it's best to create a brand new folder instead of, say, putting it on the root of your C: drive.

Deltarune, as pointed out by many online, is an anagram of Undertale. So it seems the two titles are connected in some way aside from having the same developer. But what that connection is, exactly — that'll be up to you to find out.