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What You Don't Know About Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins' Wife

For those committed to putting in the time and effort it takes to become successful on Twitch, it can be a lucrative money-making opportunity. But not everybody has the dedication or business acumen needed to make the jump from casual gamer to full-time professional gamer. On the flip side, some professional gamers are fortunate enough to have someone with business know-how to take care of the more bureaucratic side of things while they focus strictly on gaming.

Jessica Blevins has created a thriving career for herself, using her bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communication and Public Relations to make something of an empire for herself and her husband, Tyler Blevins. To introduce Jessica as the "wife of Ninja" would be doing a disservice to the talented woman who saw an opportunity to create a career that would help her family establish a sustainable lifestyle. The know-how, dedication, and massive amounts of time that go into Jessica's daily job keeping Ninja sponsored, visible, and successful means that she is something of a pioneer in her field. From her life in the gaming world to her former modeling career, here are a few things you may not have known about the business-savvy Jessica Blevins.

She started gaming at five years old

Jessica Blevins was a gamer long before meeting her now-husband Tyler Blevins. From the time that she was five years old, she found a fascination with video games, using the medium to connect with her family and hone her own skills. This love of gaming persisted throughout her life, even influencing her future career goals and endeavors.

Jessica has stated that her first game was Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis, though most of her formative years were spent playing Mario games, anything having to do with Pokemon, and various installments in the Mortal Kombat franchise. Her love of gaming was nurtured by her family, who also had an affinity for the world of gaming, and it became something of a bonding experience for them. Because of this, Jessica remained a gamer throughout college, and still enjoys it to this day. This also played a factor in her marriage to Tyler Blevins, as the two eventually met at a gaming tournament.

She and Ninja met at the Focus Fire Halo tournament

Jessica Blevins (then Goch) actually met her husband Tyler at a gaming tournament. In 2010, Jessica's boyfriend encouraged her to attend a Halo tournament with him because of her affinity for the game. Though the two broke up before the tournament took place, Jessica still honored her commitment to attend the Focus Fire Tournament. It's a good thing she did, because despite complications in getting to the actual tournament, she and Tyler met there.

Tyler Blevins had a girlfriend at the time that he and Jessica met and Jessica was only recently single, but the two kept in casual contact after the tournament. About three years later, the two reconnected and began dating. They dated for several years with Tyler continuing to build his Twitch career and Jessica focusing on her own career while also accompanying her boyfriend to various tournaments and conventions. It didn't take long for Tyler to pop the question and lock down the talented and beautiful gamer as his wife, and based on the success the two have experienced since partnering up, it seems like they both made the right move.

She has a history in the gaming industry

Not only has Jessica Blevins been gaming since she was a kid, but she made her career in the gaming industry as well. While still utilizing the degree she earned at University of Wisconsin in Interpersonal Communications and Public Relations, Jessica worked with Cyber Solutions Agency as a brand ambassador. This basically means that Jessica would travel to different gaming conventions, trade shows, esports events, and tournaments to emcee, interview, and commentate on gameplay. In order to fulfill her role in this position, she had to be very knowledgeable in and up-to-date on the gaming community.

In addition to her position with Cyber Solutions Agency, Jessica also worked for Ubisoft for a time in their public relations department. She was tasked with making sure the company was properly represented at conventions and events. With this job she was able to travel to the biggest gaming events in the US and assist with the presentation of upcoming product releases. These jobs, which predated her current job of managing Ninja, solidified her place in the gaming community and prepared her for the task that would be coming with managing one of the most successful and recognized gamers in the world.

She was a model

Just as with voice acting and radio hosts, one of the liberating things about being part of the gaming community is that it tends to be a less superficial place. Because streamers have the option of remaining relatively anonymous when streaming, many otherwise introverted people feel more comfortable coming out of their shell. With fame in the gaming community usually being based more on talent than looks, it's interesting and rare to find someone who has made the transition from an industry based solely on appearance, like modeling, to working in a community where looks are secondary to skill.

Because of this, or perhaps in spite of her good looks, Jessica Blevins has managed to span numerous industries that normally don't necessarily fit together. Before making gaming her full-time career, Jessica Blevins was a model for the TSM Agency. She experienced quite a bit of success in this field and more than likely could have made a promising career out of modeling if she so chose. But growing up with gaming in her blood aided her in ultimately choosing that life as her path. Her modeling experience no doubt helped her with different inlets to the gaming world, as her time as a brand ambassador for Cyber Solutions Agency utilized not only her expansive gaming skills, but also her ability to present herself in a professional and polished way.

Jessica is the "woman behind the curtain"

Being one of the world's most famous Twitch streamers is a full-time job. Or in the case of the meteoric success that Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has experienced, it's more than a full-time job. Without someone to organize sponsorships, arrange interviews, and manage schedules, Ninja's life could quickly devolve into chaos. This is where his wife Jessica comes in.

Because Ninja has to stream for such long periods of time each day to appease his millions of fans, things like organizing the business side of his empire were quickly pushed to the background. With her degree in Interpersonal Communications and Public Relations, Jessica Blevins was able to seamlessly step into the role of Ninja's manager, creating a duo that was well-equipped to handle the incredible success the two saw in a relatively short period of time.

Jessica is in charge of everything from answering emails, to setting up sponsorships, to scheduling interviews, to the regular day-to-day tasks that keep a household running. Her ability to balance the insane amount of social media traffic coming their way in an effective manner is a true testament to her managerial skills.

She was quick to establish a schedule for Ninja to keep their personal relationship a priority

Being a full-time streamer on Twitch may seem to many like an easy dream job. But for those in the know, it's been well established that in order to become successful in the world of gaming, major dedication is required through hours upon hours of work each day. For Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, this meant streaming for long stretches of time with no break every day, and even having to ignore business opportunities to grow his brand in favor of keeping his audience satisfied. This, obviously, left little room for Ninja and Jessica to spend quality time together as a couple.

One of the first things Jessica did when she took over the business side of the Team Ninja empire was to establish a schedule for everyone's sake. With the schedule in place, Ninja's brand was able to thrive and grow into the juggernaut it is today. Jessica made sure to schedule streaming times, set hours for her to work with sponsors and with other aspects of their business via email and phone conferences, and most importantly, establish down time away from the Ninja empire. With so much going on and such immense success in a short period of time, a personal life often takes a back seat. But Jessica was adamant about making sure she and Ninja always had time for each other. This has helped ensure their relationship stays strong.

Jessica and Tyler got engaged on-camera

Though Jessica and Tyler almost didn't meet because of difficulties in getting to the Focus Fire Halo Tournament, their story had a happy ending. After years of dating, Tyler Blevins proposed to his then-girlfriend Jessica Goch in November of 2016, in front of a Christmas tree, while her parents recorded the proposal.

Ninja hid the engagement ring he'd picked out for his girlfriend under their dog's collar, waiting for the right moment before popping the question. With the ring still attached to the dog collar, Ninja got down on one knee, had Jessica stand up, and told her that she was his best friend whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Once he gave her the ring and it registered that she was indeed being proposed to, Jessica answered with a very shocked and very happy yes. In the middle of the exciting event, Jessica jokingly added, "Oh no, I changed out of my cute clothes!", further solidifying the fun and endearing relationship the two share. This moment was the beginning of their perfect partnership in life and in business.

She is an advocate of healthy living

It's no secret that one of the biggest problems that plagues the world of professional gaming is health issues related to a sedentary lifestyle. Becoming successful enough on Twitch to be able to earn a decent living means that streamers need to stream at least eight hours a day, and most stream even more than this. This constant stasis and lack of activity often leads to health issues that can sometimes have serious results.

Though Jessica and her husband are integral parts of the online gaming community, she is still an advocate for an active and healthy lifestyle. This stance seems especially important given the issues that have been seen in recent years surrounding the health problems gamers have been experiencing. Not only does Jessica give her fans and viewers tips on how to stay fit and active, but she, herself, live a healthy lifestyle. She and her husband Tyler have been known to participate in marathons, among other things, in order to keep themselves in peak condition.

She encourages and advises other Twitch streamers

Finding so much success in the world of streaming requires a lot of dedication. And because of the work that goes into this, many streamers may find themselves hesitant to help out those who are just starting out in the business. Other streamers could be seen as competition who could potentially take away their viewers or even surpass them. Because of this, it could be argued that those in the competitive world of gaming might discourage others from entering their ring, for fear that they might somehow damage their own prospects.

This clearly isn't the case for Jessica Blevins. Not only is she encouraging to gamers who are just starting out in the world of Twitch, but she also shares tips and tricks with them. Jessica has proven that she is dedicated to helping her husband succeed in the world of streaming, but her vlogs answering common questions about starting a Twitch channel show that she's also ready and willing to help out those around her who are just starting out. Rather than be threatened by potential "competition," Blevins has created a nurturing community for gamers where they can join her army of "Ghosties" and feel welcomed and supported.

She was recently on Family Feud with Ninja and his family

Jessica Blevins isn't always the one behind the camera. In addition to her social media presence and her past Twitch streams, Jessica was also recently on Celebrity Family Feud. She played the game with husband Ninja and in-laws Chris, Jodi, and Jon. And while this wasn't Ninja's first time on the show, Jessica was able to hold her own during her debut. The group went up against Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster and his family. And though the showdown was a close one, Jessica and her family were able to raise a significant amount of money for the charity Stack Up and win the game.

The game show was a great opportunity to see a more candid side of Jessica and Ninja together. The two laughed at each other's answers and clapped along in support whenever they got an answer right. The chance to see the family interaction between not only Jessica and Ninja, but between the rest of the family as well, gave fans a better insight into who the celebrity couple really is, away from Fortnite

She hangs out with other YouTube celebrities

Being an internet personality comes with its own unique list of perks. Being able to strike up a friendship with other YouTube celebs is just one of them. In May 2019, Jessica jokingly retweeted Jeffree Starr's comment about waking up late at night craving Taco Bell. Jessica tagged her husband, suggesting that the tweet easily could have been written by him, and that was all it took to set the ball rolling. Shortly after the Twitter exchange, Jessica and Ninja decided to go on a double date with Jeffree Starr and Nathan Schwandt. The group was quick to hit it off, and an unlikely collaboration may be in the future for fans of both parties, all thanks to Jessica's tweet. 

Even in the world of YouTube, where it seems like every celebrity knows one another, this pairing of Jessica and Ninja with the beauty guru is still very much out of the blue. But with YouTubers like PewDiePie doing collab videos with James Charles, it seems like anything might be possible in the future of genre-crossing team-ups.

Jessica is quick to come to her husband's defense on social media

Being an internet personality can be a difficult thing. Being a manager to another internet celebrity on top of that can only make the job that much more difficult. While Jessica has to deal with her own social media, she's also responsible for her husband Ninja's image as well. And when people try to spread rumors or bash the Fortnite player, Jessica is quick to come to his aide.

In December 2018, streamer NEACE decided to take a shot at Ninja, saying that he had sold out and that while the two used to be good friends, Ninja's newfound wealth and status had changed him. Jessica was quick to tell followers that NEACE had been given many opportunities by the Blevinses, and that they could only do so much for the streamer. A similar event occurred when Ninja won the Shorty Award for 2018 Twitch Streamer of the Year. When he won and wasn't there to accept the honor, many streamers attacked him online, saying he was ungrateful. Yet again, Jessica was quick to defend her husband and client, letting them know that no one had informed Ninja of the nomination.

The move to Mixer wasn't just about money

When Ninja first announced his decision to leave Twitch for Mixer, there were a lot of mixed responses. Some fans understood and respected that his streaming life is a business, and that Ninja and his wife Jessica had to do what was best for that business. Others called him a "sellout," implying he had no loyalty and would simply align with the highest bidder. The truth, however, is much more complicated than either side gave Team Ninja credit for.

In an interview with Business Insider, Jessica Blevins explained the motivation behind Team Ninja's Mixer move. While money played a role, she emphasized it wasn't the driving force behind the change. Jessica stated she and Ninja had been trying to negotiate with Twitch for months about aspects of his contract that prevented him from growing the Ninja brand outside of gaming. When they received an unfavorable response from Twitch and felt they weren't being listened to, they decided to see what Microsoft had to offer.

Jessica clarified that, even though most fans seem to think the move was only motivated by financial gain, Tyler's mental well-being was a huge deciding factor. She said he hadn't been excited to stream anymore while they were with Twitch. The freedom the Mixer contract provided changed his attitude towards streaming and made it fun for him again. As his manager, that was Jessica's main goal in making the move from Twitch to Mixer.