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Mass Effect Andromeda Receives The Xbox One X Treatment

Mass Effect Andromeda may be over a year and a half old, but BioWare hasn't stopped working on it. In a video released on Twitter today, BioWare announced that a patch is now live that will enhance Mass Effect Andromeda for the Xbox One X.


The improvements coming in the enhancement patch include HDR support and increased resolutions.

The announcement comes as part of BioWare's annual celebration of the Mass Effect franchise, dubbed N7 Day (which stands for Nov. 7). It's a day in which employees from BioWare typically take a look back at the series and share their favorite memories with fans, and that's pretty much what happened in the video the studio released today.

But we did get an interesting bit of news, as well, thanks to BioWare's Casey Hudson. During the video, he spoke about his relationship with the Mass Effect series and what it means to work at BioWare, stating, "It means coming into the studio every day dreaming about what the next great Mass Effect game will be."


You shouldn't immediately run to the game store and slam down your pre-order money on the next Mass Effect just yet. But Hudson's remarks mean that BioWare still has big plans for the franchise in the future.

That's great news, as many look back fondly on the original Mass Effect series, which accomplished something remarkable by creating a trilogy that carried over key decisions from game to game. But not many feel the same way about Mass Effect Andromeda, which was built using an entirely new engine and didn't quite capture the magic that the previous games in the series achieved.

Perhaps the Xbox One X update to Mass Effect Andromeda will get some who passed on the game interested in giving it a shot. But many will undoubtedly look forward to the day that BioWare revisits the Mass Effect franchise in a more agreeable way.