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Sony Is Now Selling A Quieter PlayStation 4 Pro

Rock stars and professional athletes love the roar of the fans. PlayStation 4 Pro owners, though? Not so much. On some of the PS4 Pro's more intensive titles, the console has been known to get a little bit loud. But fortunately, it appears a revision is now on sale that turns down the volume.


According to the Digital Foundry team at Eurogamer, a brand new PlayStation 4 Pro version — one with the CUH-7200 model number — is now coming packed into the PS4's Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle. The console itself doesn't look all that different at first glance. But some behind-the-scenes changes keep the fans from becoming disruptively loud, though they come at the cost of warming the PS4 Pro up a few more degrees.

Digital Foundry found that there is indeed a difference between the launch model PS4 Pro and this newest revision, citing a "night and day improvement" from the earlier console's fan noise. That alone will be welcome news to anyone who's loaded up a title that pushes the system graphically, such as God of War or Spider-Man.


There's also been an apparent change to the power supply used in the newest PlayStation 4 Pro model. Instead of using the bulkier power cord input you might find on a PC, the CUH-7200 revision of the PS4 Pro uses the smaller figure-8-style plug — the same one used by the PlayStation 4 Slim model and the Xbox One X.

There's no word yet on when exactly Sony will begin pushing these updated PlayStation 4 Pro models out in a bundle-less form, though there are likely some noise-sensitive gamers out there who'd happily give such a package a look. Until then, it appears that those who'd like to move to a quieter PlayStation 4 Pro have one option: buy the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle and, if you have the game already, hand it off to a friend.